Your podcast audience has exploded but the revenue from fancy socks ads isn’t enough to cover rent. Perhaps you are tired of social media algorithms hiding your content even from your most loyal followers. Patreon is a platform that allows content creators to monetize online.

Patreon allows users to launch a customized subscription-based website in just a few steps. This allows creators to offer exclusive content and generate a steady monthly income.

Our Patreon deep dive will help you understand the platform and decide if becoming a Patreon creator makes sense for you.

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185,000 registered creators. Patreon was valued as of spring 2021 at $4 billion

Creators may offer subscriptions to a variety services. These are some of the most popular content formats:

  • Video (38% of creators).
  • Writing (17%)
  • Audio (14%)
  • Photography (6%)

You can also download the Patreon app for iOS and Android.

Photographers can use Patreon to store their content. Patrons can be enticed by special perks such as physical prints of their favourite images.


Podcasters are able to easily interact with their listeners via Patreon. The Community tab acts as a messageboard where patrons can leave messages or chat with other listeners. Patrons may be able to access episodes early or receive special content such as bonus episodes or a peek behind the scenes.


Musicians are able to post new tracks before their release date, or share demos and b-sides with their fans.


Streamers and Performers can use Patreon’s private, secure livestream feature to charge a fee online for a performance.


Patreon offers a great way for new creators and celebrities to connect with their fans.

How much can you earn? Below is a hypothetical example that we have created based on a creator who has 10,000 followers on Instagram (their primary social media channel).

The following are the total sizes 10,000 (Instagram)
% of “passionate followers” (who would click through for more information) 10%
Traffic from Instagram to Patreon Page 1,000
% of traffic that converts to patrons 1-5% (10-50 patrons)
Average patron value $5
Total Patreon Income Monthly $50-$250

If this doesn’t sound like enough, continue reading. We have tips to help you increase your Patreon income and grow your fan base. is the best place to start:

This section can be embedded with an image or an intro video. Visuals are useful because patrons can see exactly what they will receive when they subscribe.

For every type of content, a customizable starter kit is available.

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At this stage, you will add basic account information such as your legal name and country. This information will not be visible on your public page. You can also choose a few visual preferences such as the color you want for your buttons and links.

This is also where you decide how transparent you want as a creator. You have the option to make your earnings and patron count visible to all page visitors. This information should be made public by Patreon, but it is up to you.

Also, you will be asked if your work contains any explicit content. Patreon allows adult content to be uploaded on their platform as long as it is in compliance with their terms of service. Be aware that adult content will not be displayed in Patreon search results if it is marked as such.

There are also payment processing fees.

Other creators offer a tiered pricing structure which offers patrons more perks for paying a higher fee.


Patrons have the option to upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions at anytime. If patrons no longer desire to access the content, they can cancel their subscriptions easily.

Our guide to the best social media platforms and apps for inspiration.

Patreon Blog is a great resource to creators who want more information about running and growing creative businesses or to keep up with Patreon’s new features and updates.

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