We’d all dream of hiring Sofia Coppola to film our video campaigns. But the truth is that most marketers must figure out how to produce Oscar-quality content with Oscar Meyer Weiner budgets. The good news? There are tons of free video editing software available online that can help you make your video dreams a reality.

YouTube videos, TikTok videos and Instagram videos can be edited in-app. This is why we have compiled this super-list with the best third-party video editing tools to add to your content creator toolkit.

This video editing software can transform your stock footage or original content into a mini-masterpiece.

Budding directors, read on for our list of the top free video editing software and apps available in 2022… as well as the answers to your burning social media questions.

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The best free video editing software available for 2022

All of the tools in our free video editing software are great for creating content for social media. However, there are limitations to all free programs — watermarks, limited features, and ads.

We’ve tried our best to compile a list of the most useful and least annoying options. It’s hard to believe that anyone would pay full-cost for a video editing program.


Since it is pre-installed on all Apple products, this is the default video editing program for Mac users. Although there are only two video tracks, the app is extremely intuitive and can be used immediately. The app offers a decent selection of pre-set transitions, filters, and titles to help you quickly make your video look professional.

Although the editing toolset may be basic, it has everything you need: color correction, cutting and trimming, background noise removal and stabilization for shaky videos. You can import songs from iTunes, or layer sounds from the royalty-free audio/SFX selection.

You don’t have the time to create the perfect video? Use the Magic Movie feature of the latest version to let AI take all the decisions.

One of the best features about iMovie? It doesn’t pester you to upgrade to a premium edition. You get what you see, no upselling

(Not a Mac user?) Windows offers its own house video editor, which has most of the same features. It also offers a solid selection of free video editing software.


Lightworks has been around for over 30 years. You can expect a lot of polish from this free video editor. The pro version of Lightworks is a Hollywood favorite: The King’s Speechwas created using Lightworks in case you are interested in the Colin Firth factor.

Although it’s a bit more difficult to get started than iMovie. But, watch the orientation video and you will be flying in no matter what. Professional editors love the keyboard controls, and the cutting tools that are specially designed to handle large amounts of footage. Even if you are a free user, the color correction options and built in video effects are amazing.

It is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly get your video out into the world with instant autosave and background processing. The only problem with the free version is the limited export options. You can export up to 720p in formats pre-set for Youtube, Vimeo, and MP4.

DaVinci Resolve

Do you want “Emmy-winning image technology?” DaVinci Resolve, a free video editing program, is for you. DaVinci’s cloud-based workflow systems make it particularly useful for remote collaborations.

Fans love DaVinci’s UX design. Divided into ‘Pages’, users can focus on each part of the editing process. To trim your hair, start on the Cut’ page. Next, move to the Color’ tab to adjust the hues and shadows. You can also output to Twitter from the Media and Delivery page.

This is a powerful tool and requires a powerful computer. Before you click ‘download’, make sure your hardware can handle it.


Clipchamp is a free web-based video editing platform that Microsoft recently purchased. This means you can assume they are doing something right. The templates and user-friendly interface are specifically designed for content creators. This makes creating videos for social media easy. Plus, you don’t have to eat up your hard drive space.

You can get free and paid stock footage (video or audio) Clipchamp allows you to quickly access paid and free stock footage (audio and video) so that you don’t miss the perfect shot to finish your TikTok story. You can customize your video according to the social media specifications of your choice.


HitFilm’s greatest strength is its speed. HitFilm’s intuitive interface allows you to cut, copy, slice and sync with zero latency — it is twice as fast at exporting than competitors and eight times faster when it comes to playingback.

These tools are simple but extremely effective. Drag-and-drop transitions, presets, and presets can be used to quickly create professional-quality content. Auto audio sync makes it easy to adjust sound.

If you are looking to make your social videos look cinematic, lighting effects can be a great addition. Light leaks and glows give footage a cinematic vibe.


Shotcut is an open-source, cross-platform video editing tool. Although it does have bugs, Shotcut is a robust piece of software that ranks high on almost every ‘Best Video Editing Software’ list.

Shotcut supports hundreds video and audio formats. This makes it super easy to bring disparate files together. Drag-and-drop file management makes importing all the files you need for your social media grand opus easy.


Although the website looks strangely retro, VideoPad’s functionality is unmistakable. VideoPad was created to be intuitive. VideoPad is intuitive enough to allow you to create your video in a dream world in a matter of minutes. It’s claimed to be the fastest tool available.

The software supports more than 50 effects, transitions, and 60+ video formats. You can create title text animations with templates, record narrations, and use professional-grade templates to whip together something unique in a matter of minutes.

You can export your movie to any resolution on iOS or desktop. You can also share it online or upload it directly to Youtube.


OpenShot is a free video editing program that works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. All video creators are welcome. OpenShot, another open-source option, allows unlimited tracks. You can add background videos, audio, and sick effects.

This one is unique because it has an animation framework built in. You can fade, bounce, slide or animate just about anything in the frame to make any video project pop.

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More open-source video editing software It turns out that people are kind and generous. Kdenlive’s collaborative programming knowledge can be used to download this free, highly effective video editing software. This will help you make your social media dreams come true.

Your interface should be set up in a way that suits your workflow. Save it. You can also customize keyboard shortcuts to suit your creative process. You can use any audio or video format.

Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer, like all the other video editing tools in this list is free. However, that doesn’t mean it sacrifices on the user experience. Modern interface design allows you to focus on editing, coloring, and effects. It is divided into workspaces that allow you to organize your work. You can also rearrange widgets and panels to suit your creative flow.

Avid’s multicam editing feature syncs up 64 angles automatically so that you can quickly edit and align. While you are editing an Instagram video, not an Emmy-contender show, why not use the tools available to you? The built-in VFX filters and filters add a little flair and style to your footage. But, if that’s not enough you can download more plugins and use composite imaging, motion effects, and many other options.

FAQs Video editing software

What’s video editing software?

Video editing software is any program or app that allows you to make changes to one or more video files.

Video editing software is used to trim video clips, rearrange or compile video clips, add effects or sound effects, and tweak audio or visual components.

Video editing software can be used to edit a full-length feature movie (we see you Zach Snyder), or to adjust the specifications of a video to fit a particular social media platform.

Although they are very basic, the create modes of TikTok or Instagram Reels can be used to edit video content. You can make more complex adjustments to your video content before uploading them to social media using paid or free video editing software. Most social media videos have been edited in some way using video editing software. The creator might have cut the video length, added filters or effects, or stitched multiple scenes together.

Is Free video editing software enough?

It all depends on what you are looking for! Social media is 90% about free video editing software.

All of the video editing software that we have recommended will allow you to combine video clips and make adjustments to audio and visual elements. You can also crop to the correct platform dimensions.

This is likely to be all you need to create a video on social media that engages and delights the audience.

Professional filmmakers might require more advanced editing tools, but most people and brands find enough functionality in free video editing software. You really don’t have anything to lose by downloading a free program. If you don’t like it then go ahead and get Final Cut Pro. We won’t be offended.

What are the most popular YouTubers using to edit their videos?

YouTubers often use iMovie to edit their videos. It’s free for Mac users. It provides all the basic functionality that you need to edit your scenes, cut out uhs and ‘ums, and, most importantly, add a Ken Burns effect.

iMovie is very intuitive and easy to use. This makes iMovie a great choice, especially for beginners.

There are only two video tracks (a.k.a. There are only two video “tracks” (a.k.a. layers) that you can use, so you have some limitations on how wild with effects. The downside to iMovie is: It is only available for Apple products.

Professional Youtubers often upgrade to Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere CC to benefit from the more powerful editing features.

These video editing programs have tons of presets, templates, and effects that will let your creativity run wild. There are tons of tutorials to help you make the most of all the great features.

This freedom can come at a cost: Final Cut and Premiere can be quite expensive.

How can I choose the right free video editing software for me?

There are many free video editing softwares available. Take a look at the features to find the one that best suits your needs.

Do you want something that can easily be exported to social formats? Are you a frequent user of picture-in-picture or green screen? Do you collaborate a lot? Can you share the file with other creators? Do you want to add layers and effects or just splice together clips?

Think about what you use (or want)! Video and what you have found most enjoyable or frustrating about other tools in the past. Do your research to find the right one for you.

However, you are not at risk of downloading the wrong software. You’ll end up wasting your time with something that doesn’t work as well as you would like. Don’t let yourself be paralysed by analysis. Pick one, test it, and then move on to the next.

How do I edit a video like an expert?

You will need to look beyond the inapp editing features of TikTok and Instagram Reels to edit your videos professionally.

Get a free video editor program to access basic tools that will help you color correct, add audio or visual effects, crop, trim, or add scenes — just as the pros.

Scroll up to see our list of the top free video editing softwares for 2022.

What is the best free video editing program with no watermark?

We have compiled the best free video editing software, and none of them has a watermark.

Scroll down to see all 10 free video editing programs that you can use to edit your video without worrying about a visual trademark ruining it when you export it.

When it comes to creating engaging social media content, however, having the right video editing skills and tools is only one part. Your message and your videography skills are important. To create a winning strategy, download our social video strategy guide: lights, camera and action.

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