It doesn’t matter if you watch Saturday Night Live or the Super Bowl, or if you are a celebrity who slaps at Oscars, it’s hard to deny the thrill of seeing events unfold in real-time. It’s impossible to predict what might happen. This is why live streaming social media is so popular with viewers, and why content creators should get in on the action.

Since 2008’s first YouTube live event, internet users have become obsessed with streaming social media. Nearly a third of internet users watch at least one live stream every week.

They can’t be blamed. Live streaming is authentic and engaging. It’s also a lot of fun.

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What’s social media live streaming?

Social media live streaming is real-time video sharing on social media platforms. This is in contrast to videos that are pre-recorded and then uploaded to social media. It is sometimes called “going live” and is used most often by creators and influencers who can tap into features such as polls, live chats, and question prompts in order to invite viewers to engage in real-time conversations.

Creators can also make a lot of money by streaming live on social media platforms, as they can give streamers gifts that can redeem for cash.

Source: Facebook

How to live on social media

You will feel the urge to live on social media at some point.

The sheer number of live streaming social media platforms can be overwhelming. TikTok or Instagram? Facebook or YouTube? Is Twitch only for gamers? (Side note: no, it’s not.)

The simple answer is that you should stream wherever your audience (or future audiences) is.

Here are some demographic data on the major social media networks. This will help you reach your target audience and determine where to go live.

Continue reading to learn how to stream live on each one.

How to live on Facebook

There are several ways to live on Facebook, depending on your profile and device.

If you are creating a mobile video for a business website:

  1. Tap Make a post.
  2. Tap Live Video.
  3. Optional: Write a brief description of your video.
  4. To start your stream, click the blue Live Video button

If you are creating a mobile video live for your personal profile:

  1. Tap the What’s your mind? box at the top of your newsfeed, then tap Live video.
  2. Optional: Adjust your audience in To: at the top. Add a description. You can also share your live video to your story from this dropdown.
  3. To start your stream, click the blue Live Video button

If you are creating a Facebook Live Video on your computer:

  1. Tap Live Video in the create post box of your newsfeed.
  2. Select Go live. Select Create a Live Video Event if you wish to schedule a live event for later.
  3. Select Webcam if you wish to broadcast via your webcam. Select Streaming Software to embed the stream key in your third-party software.
  4. You can choose where the video will appear and who can view it. If you wish, you can also add a title or description.
  5. Click the blue button to go live.

Live viewers will be able to see their names and stream real-time comments.

The show ends and the post is saved to your profile or to your page (unless you have shared it to your story).

Source: Facebook

Find out how to live stream on Facebook.

How to live on Instagram

Instagram Live is only available on the mobile app. You can collaborate with guests, ask questions, and use filters. After your session is over, you will be prompted to share your stream on your Story.

Here’s how you can go live on Instagram

  1. Tap the camera at the top left corner.
  2. Swipe right for the Instagram Live screen.
  3. To stream, tap the Go Live button.

Source: Instagram

You can find more tips on how to use Instagram Live.

How to live on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously

Although there is no official way to live-stream the exact same content on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously, there are third-party services that can help.

StreamYard and OneStream are just a few multi-stream platforms that can be customized to broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Be aware that Instagram does not support streaming from outside its app.

You could use two devices simultaneously to record if you want to keep it low-tech (and legal): one to stream to Instagram and the second to stream to Facebook at another angle.

Remember that broadcasting twice means you will need to monitor twice as many comment streams. It may be a good idea to hire an engagement specialist to assist you.

Ugh, we get it, you’re popular!

How to make LinkedIn live

LinkedIn Live will be unavailable to users who meet certain criteria, such as follower count, geographic location, and compliance with LinkedIn’s Professional Communities Policies.

To see if you are eligible, click Event on your homepage. If LinkedIn Live appears in the event format dropdown you can go live on the platform.

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn does not have native live streaming capabilities like other social media platforms. Instead, you will need to use a third party tool to broadcast live to LinkedIn.

  1. Grab two devices before you start streaming. One device will be used for streaming the video and one for viewing comments as they are received.
  2. Register for a broadcasting platform from a third party such as Socialive, StreamYard, or Switcher Studio. Authenticate your LinkedIn account.
  3. Use the Broadcastbutton to broadcast your film from a third-party tool.
  4. You can use the second device to monitor comments or get a friend as a moderator. As comments come in, respond on camera

Note: Your broadcast will be live on your LinkedIn feed after it is finished. This will allow you to get more engagement during the rewatch.

Here’s the complete guide to going live with LinkedIn

How to live on Twitter

A video is a great way to stand out in the endless stream of tweets. Once you’re done, you can share the video by clicking the link at the bottom of the video to tweet it in its entirety.

How to live on Twitter

  1. Tap the camera icon in composer. Note: If the camera icon is not visible, ensure that Twitter has access to your photos through your privacy settings.
  2. Tap Live. To turn off the camera, tap the mic at top right.
  3. Optional: Add a description of the location or invite guests to join you.
  4. Tap Go live.

Source: Twitter

Here’s how to live tweet on Twitter.

How to live on YouTube

YouTube was the first social network to offer live streaming. It is still the most popular place to watch live streaming.

If you have at least 50 subscribers, a webcam or smartphone will get you started. Advanced streamers can use encoders for broadcasting from external devices or screen sharing the Mario 2speedrun.

All streams less than 12 hours will be posted to your Youtube channel so that future generations can enjoy them.

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How to live stream YouTube using a webcam on your desktop

  1. Tap the icon for the video camera in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Go live.
  3. Select Webcam.
  4. Add a title or description and adjust privacy settings.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Go live.

Note: Before you can live stream from your desktop, you will need to verify your YouTube phone number.

How to live stream YouTube on your mobile device

  1. Tap the plus sign at bottom of home page.
  2. Select Go live.
  3. Add a title, choose your location (optional), then adjust privacy settings.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Take a photo of the thumbnail.
  6. Click Go live.

Note: Only YouTube users who meet certain criteria can stream live from their mobile devices. You will need at least 50 subscribers, live streaming permissions, and to be a verified channel.

How to live on YouTube using an encoder

  1. Here you can set up your channel to live stream.
  2. Download an encoder
  3. Select Go live. You can set everything up in the Live control area.
  4. Select Stream.
  5. Add a title or description and adjust privacy settings.
  6. Start your encoder and check the live dashboard to see the preview.
  7. Click Go live.

Source: YouTube

You can find more information on how to live stream Youtube on this page.

How to live on TikTok

TikTok’s live feature will be available only to users who have at most 1,000 followers and are at minimum 16 years old by 2022.

Are you still not at the threshold? Here’s how to go live on TikTok with only 1,000 followers

Here’s how you can use TikTok Live if you have it.

  1. Tap the plus sign at the bottom of your home screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom navigation and click on the LIVE option.
  3. Write a title that is quick and catchy for an image.
  4. Click to GO LIVE.

Source: TikTok

How to live on Twitch

Twitch is unique in that it was specifically designed for streaming. This makes it a great platform for creators looking to get into live content.

This means that it is easy to go live on the platform.

Follow these instructions to stream live videos of yourself and your surroundings. Follow these instructions to stream yourself playing video games.

How to stream on Twitch IRL:

  1. Tap the Create icon at the top of your home screen.
  2. Tap the Go Live button at the bottom right.
  3. You can choose Stream games, or stream IRL depending on what content you are streaming.
  4. Add a description to your stream and choose your category.
  5. Tap To Start Stream.

How to stream games on Twitch

  1. Tap the Create icon at the top of your home screen.
  2. Tap the Live button at the bottom right.
  3. Tap Stream.
  4. Choose your favorite game from the following list.
  5. To add a title or category, tags, language, or stream markers, tap edit stream info.
  6. Adjust the volume and VOD settings.
  7. Tap the Go Live button.

How to stream on Twitch using your desktop

  1. Go to your creator dashboard.
  2. Download Twitch Studio
  3. Configure Twitch Studio to grant access to your device’s microphone and camera.
  4. Click Share stream from the home screen.
  5. Click Edit stream information to add a title and category, tags, as well as language.
  6. Click To stream.

Source: Twitch

8 tips to make social media live streaming a success

1. Live analytics – Leverage

After you’ve done a few lives, you should be paying attention to your analytics. To maximize engagement and views, make sure you post at the right time. Shameless plug: Hootsuite will tell which time is best to post based upon the activity of your followers.

Take note of the number of views, average view duration, engagement rates, reach, and watch time.

2. Promote your big moment

People might catch your video as soon as you press the “go live” button. Your audience will be more likely to see it. Be sure to include information about the lives of your followers when you schedule social media posts.

Start a countdown on all your social media platforms to hype up the moment. Your Twitter crew might need a push to move over to Youtube when it’s their time.

3. It is important to do it promptly

Your live video is competing with millions of other videos. A timely “Why now” hook will give your video a sense of urgency that is more consistent with evergreen content. For example, a holiday concert or one-night-only event. ), a seasonal special (an interview by Santa! Or an exclusive scoop (Santa’s releasing an album! ).

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4. Make your dream team

One way to attract attention is to share a live broadcast or interview with an expert in your field.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interviewing someone you admire or producing something more collaboratively, it’s a great way of turning your guest’s followers into your own. Sharing is caring, right!

5. Make sure you understand the context

Although the hope is that viewers will be there from the beginning, the reality (or magic?) is quite different. Live streaming allows you to have your audience come and go throughout the broadcast.

It’s important to make sure that they understand what you’re listening to by reiterating the topic from time-to-time. It can also be helpful to have a watermark, text, or logo that clearly identifies who is on the screen and what’s happening.

6. Engage with your audience at the moment

Your goal is to connect with your viewers. Make sure they know that they are a part of the show.

Say hello to the commenters, welcome new viewers and answer any questions as they come in.

7. Make a plan.

A live stream can be anything. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a goal for what you would like to happen.

Although Josh Brown, a financial expert, was responding to viewers on Twitter, the Q&A format gave the show some structure.

Keep track of your key points and segments before you go live. This will help you stay on-topic. It’s more like a roadmap than a script.

8. Optimize your setup

On-the-fly filming is certainly a charm, but videos that are poorly lit or inaudible can be difficult to retain.

Do a sound check before you go live to ensure your success. If you need to use a tripod, try to find bright, natural light. Why are phones so heavy?

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