Companies, wake up! Worker power is increasing.

Everyone is hopping jobs, demanding livable salaries (gasp! It’s a way to leave toxic workplaces behind. While jumping to new companies is a popular exit route, some workers choose to freelance or quit with no plan.

You’re competing with other companies when you hire. But you also have the option of being your boss and working from home. You won’t be able to compete with the appeal of freelance work in your pajamas if you don’t have a strong employer brand.

The point is that people won’t leave for a pay increase. You can’t return to a job you hate if you take a new job. This is like asking your ex for a second chance when your Hinge situationship starts flying all its red flags.

This means that YOUR COMPANY MUST HAVE REFERENCES. Employee advocacy programs are a way to show your employees where you’ll land.

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You can help your colleagues create social content about your company, its projects, and benefits. This will help them build a brand for themselves and attract qualified candidates. (Brilliant jerks can be liabilities.)

Let’s find out how.

Service and heavy industries are still leaving their businesses in droves. Meanwhile, many knowledge workers who jumped jobs in the pandemic early are feeling remorse.

This is not about money. MIT found that poor work cultures were the biggest reason for the Great Resignation. Pay issues are in 16th place, which is understandable. Workers aren’t robots and being treated as people is a strong reason to walk.


Your new resignation template is here #comedy @vince.lam

Dear Manager – Pasha

Furthermore, 86% of job seekers use social media to search for jobs. A real worker will post “my job treats you well” to be more motivating than shouting “wE aRe RoCkStaRs” over and over on LinkedIn.

The ultimate green banner for employer brand are worker testimonials

This is why employee advocacy is so important for recruiting. Social teams should make it easier (not more difficult!) to share their thoughts about work.

(Are you already on board? My friend, Hootsuite Amplify has it right.

Let your employees make a first impression

Employee advocacy programs require employees to share company content on their social media accounts.

Although you might not be able to reach the heights of TikTok king Khaby Lame, you can still influence your college roommate into applying for a job. No matter what advocacy content you create, that’s the goal.

Hootsuite has a high supply of employee advocacy tools, which is why we get high engagements. It was a lot, but you get the point.

Hootsuite Amplify is used by our social team every day to create posts that are shared by the rest of the company to promote our employer brand and their work. Amplify posts can also be great for driving sales, but that’s another topic.

Our social team is also worth mentioning because their advocacy content is a savior. InMail messages with three previous touchpoints with Hootsuite have 213% higher acceptance rates. You’re likely to have three pieces of exposure if your former coworker works at Hootsuite. You’re even reading this article, so that counts.

Our hiring pipeline is directly affected by employee advocacy. Between June 2021 and May 20,22, 83.6% of our employees had previously been exposed to the Hootsuite brand via LinkedIn.

In the first half 2022, we received 8.9 million organic impressions. Amplify shares accounted for 8.4 million of those views. massive is the best way to describe this impact.

Our VP of Product Marketing, Brand Christine Buck, sums it all perfectly: “Amplify allows us to show what it’s really like to work at Hootsuite through their eyes, our employees.” (Though, tbh, LinkedIn does help with yelling at our connections whenever we post.

Antalis is a paper business. Antalis is a paper company. But unlike THAT paper company Antalis doesn’t reenact Silence of the Lambs in meetings. Instead, they are using employee advocacy programs to speed up the entire hiring process. Hootsuite Amplify makes this all possible.

Antalis began by recruiting employees with LinkedIn profiles. The team then hired a professional photographer to take new headshots. After getting rid of the grainy iPhone photos, Antalis’ social media team began creating content about creativity and sustainability for ambassadors to share via Amplify.

Instantly, Antalis was telling its corporate tale throughemployees. They were excited to share content that reflected the passions and values of their employees.

Fast forward 12 months: Antalis’ employee advocacy program has been a huge success. Employees have shared more than 2,400 posts through Amplify. Posting job openings takes three weeks less, and candidates can now get to know Antalis through employee posts. Antalis employees are able to refer direct candidates. This can be further reduced.

They are winning like never before, which is why we love to watch it.

— Patricia Jaen (@patriciajaenv) July 31, 2018

The Jobfather (@JermaineJupiter) April 26, 2022

Perhaps you are preparing for a major marketing campaign and need more copywriters. Maybe you’re developing a high-end technical product and need 10 developers right away. You might find it difficult to find good executives, so there may be a gap in your hiring process.

Pick one or two groups and concentrate on them.

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Make a list of the most important themes to you and take some notes. Developers might be interested in sharing how they make accessibility easier for your products. Marketers may love funny, meme-y content about work moments. Executives may be passionate about promoting diversity and equity and inclusion (DEI), and stories about employee successes.

You won’t know until you ask.

Look up your coworkers on LinkedIn. You can use people’s organic posts as inspiration to create posts that feel authentic and trustworthy. This is the impression you want for potential hires.

After you’re done with Publisher, click “send Amplify” to send the post to your entire team. They’ll have access to the post and can share it on their Hootsuite dashboards.

Boom, done–that wasn’t hard, right?

Hootsuite Analytics can be opened to see how you are doing.

You can see at a glance how active Amplify users are, their sign-up rate, employee shares and the most popular posts. You can also see other information!

This data is, pardon me, freaking gold. This data will help you identify what’s working and what isn’t. You can also prove your impact on hiring to all the sweaty stakeholders.

This is how we calculated the 213% increase of InMail acceptance rates that Amplify campaigns drive. There’s no disputing those numbers.

Once you have your data connected, you will get the most out of it. You’ll be able to write more about Amplify posts on company benefits that seal the deal with new hires. You’ll be able to adapt your voice and the posts you create if you want to encourage teammates to share your posts.

There’s no hiding place, and everything is easy to measure.

Duolingo, McDonald’s and other fast food chains are doing great.

You are just in the right place to join the party. All the tools and expertise you require are right here. Let’s get you connected to Amplify so that you can begin building your employer brand and leading employee advocacy campaigns.

Your people team would like to say thank you for your support.

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