3.65 billion people used at least one Meta product per month in the second quarter 2022. This is nearly half the world’s population. Meta is a brand that has a wider reach than any other, making it a must-have for businesses.

Meta’s name change from Facebook was partly to better reflect the many products it encompasses. Meta offers several core products, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Although there is a large audience, not all platforms will have the same impact for your business. To get noticed by customers, each social network or app needs different marketing tools and strategies. Let’s take a look at how to get the best results on each one!

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Meta for Business

Businesses can reach a huge and diverse audience through the various Meta platforms. Take a look at how many people are on each platform.

  • Facebook:2.9 Billion
  • Messenger: 988 million
  • Instagram:1.4 Billion
  • WhatsApp:2 Billion

Let’s take a look at each app in the Meta business suite. Who uses it? What are the key elements to make it work?

Facebook for business

To connect with an audience on Facebook, the first step is to create a Facebook business account.

A business page allows you to post updates, share contact information, promote events, or products.

Facebook marketing is completely free. However, you can also create and post Facebook ads.

Facebook user statistics

Your target audience has almost 3 billion users. Here’s a quick overview of the Facebook audience.

  • Males 25-44 and 35-54 females are more likely to say Facebook is the best social media platform.
  • For Android users, the average time spent on Facebook is 19.6hrs per month

Facebook tools for business

Facebook has a tool that will help you grow your business online, no matter what type of business it is. Let’s take a look at some of the features that a Facebook business page offers that you might be interested in using.

  • Appointments Let your customers book appointments directly on Facebook.
  • Events If you’re launching a product or playing a concert, the Events tool can help to promote interest and remind your audience about the event.
  • Hiring talented employees can be difficult. Posting jobs on Facebook can help you reach more candidates.
  • Shops –Product-based companies will benefit from the Shops tool. It allows you to share your inventory and customers can purchase directly from Facebook.
  • Facebook Groups –Groups are private or public communities that share common interests. It is a more intimate way to connect with your followers.

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Facebook examples

Let’s look at real-life examples that show how Facebook can be used by businesses to achieve their business goals.

Pink Tag used Facebook Shops to generate over $40,000 in sales within a short period of time. It made it easy for Pink Tag to increase their sales by displaying products and making them easily available for purchase on Facebook.

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Tonal created a Facebook page to encourage customers to use its strength training program. It hosted community chats and events to encourage interaction.

95% of active Facebook group members stated that they would be very disappointed if Tonal was discontinued.

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Instagram for business

Instagram began as a platform for sharing photos. It has since expanded to include features such as Stories, Reels and Shopping. This makes Instagram a great platform for creating an influencer marketing strategy.

Instagram user statistics

With more than 1.4 million users Instagram is fourth most popular social media site. Let’s take a look at the Instagram audience.

  • Males and females between 16 and 34 are most likely to choose Instagram as their preferred social media platform.
  • For Android users, the average time spent on Instagram is 111.2 hours per month

Instagram business tools

These are some tools that you might consider incorporating into your Instagram strategy.

  • Action Buttons A call-to-action is a key part of any strategy. Your profile can be equipped with action buttons that make it easy to book an appointment, order food delivery, or make restaurant reservations.
  • CollabPosts: Instagram features both creator and brand-related Collab posts. Collab posts can boost the effectiveness and popularity of influencer and brand partnership.
  • Shopping:With Instagram Shop, Instagram users can search for a product and then purchase it from the app.
  • Story Highlights You can select your most important Stories and save them to a highlights section. You can see more content for new followers, and you can refer to it to follow products, menus or services.

Examples of Instagram

You don’t have to post static ads on Instagram. You can also try Stories and video. Chobani successfully promoted a product launch with video ads in Instagram Stories.

Do you need help creating Instagram Story ads that are effective? We got you covered.

e.l.f. Cosmetics uses Story Highlights and a pin feature to promote certain products.

Followers will be able to see what it is selling by placing its most in-demand products at their top of their profile and feed.

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Messenger for business

Meta Messenger allows you to send text, photos, and audio messages. It also offers features like live group video calls, payments, and payment.

It allows you to communicate with your followers and give them the information they need.

Messenger user statistics

Messenger is an essential component of a Facebook marketing strategy. A live chat function is available to answer questions and make sales.

This will allow you to capitalize on the potential of Messenger and help you with your messaging.

  • For Android users, the average time spent on Messenger is three hours per month
  • The largest advertising demographic (19%) is made up of men between 25 and 34 years
  • 82% of US adults believe Messenger is their most used messaging app.

Messenger business tools

Messenger is more than just a way to exchange texts with your audience. Messenger can support customers throughout their entire journey, from discovery to purchase.

Here are some Messenger business tools that you can use to create a strong marketing campaign.

  • Chatbots –Automate FAQs using chatbots. It is available 24/7 to answer questions, make recommendations, and complete sales processes. Chatbots can connect you to live customer support if you need that human touch.
  • Connect with Instagram.Messenger also connects with your Instagram account. Messenger will respond to any direct message sent to your Instagram account by a person.
  • Customer Feedback:Surveys allow you to learn more about your customers. Messenger offers a Customer Feedback tool that allows you to ask your customers if they are satisfied with your service.
  • Showcase Products You can turn your Messenger into an online catalog to help customers find and purchase products.
  • Accept Payments When it comes to purchases, you can integrate Webview to accept payments. It will also send you a receipt and post-purchase messages.

Messenger examples

BetterHelp uses chatbots for its followers to answer questions, explain the system, and get in touch if necessary with customer support.

Poor etiquette is not having a response to Messenger. Here are 9 more tips to interact with customers on Messenger.

Dii Supplements used its ads to encourage people to use Instagram (which is connected with Messenger) to send messages. People were able to learn more about the company’s products by having a specialist on their side. Lucky Shrub, one of their clients is the example below.

WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Business allows you to stay connected by automating, organizing and responding quickly to messages.

It’s a great place for customers to connect, provide exceptional customer support, and share information.

WhatsApp statistics

WhatsApp is the most used app on the planet, with more than 2 billion users. Here’s a quick overview of who uses WhatsApp:

  • 15.7% Internet users between 16 and 64 claim that WhatsApp is their favourite social media platform
  • Males aged 45-64 and 55-64 females are more likely to say that WhatsApp is their favourite social media platform.
  • For Android users, the average time spent on Whatsapp per month is 18.6.

WhatsApp business tools

WhatsApp can work in the same way as Messenger. Here are some of the business tools it offers:

  • Catalog: Create an online storefront using WhatsApp This tool allows you to add your products or services to your profile, and allows your followers to browse the catalogue.
  • Status:Similar with Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, WhatsApp Status disappears within 24 hours. To stay connected to your audience, you can post text, images, videos, or GIFs.
  • Profile:WhatsApp allows business accounts to create profiles. It includes a description, address and website. This makes it easier for WhatsApp to identify your business.
  • Automated messaging:You have the option to set up WhatsApp messages to send messages, messages away, and quick responses. A third-party vendor is required if you want a chatbot feature that is fully developed.

Examples of WhatsApp

It is important to connect with customers using the apps they already use. Create a WhatsApp experience that is unique if your audience prefers WhatsApp to Messenger.

Omay Foods connected its WhatsApp account to its website and Facebook page. This resulted in a 5x increase of customer inquiries.

Check out our guide to learn how to use WhatsApp for business. You might also be interested in our tips for using WhatsApp for customer support.

Facebook Metaverse to help you do business

Although the Metaverse is still in development, it’s expected that it will combine the real world with augmented and virtual reality (VR).

Metaverse user statistics

Let’s take a look to see who is currently using the Metaverse. Here’s a look at who is currently using online gaming:

  • Roblox is played by 52 million people each day
  • Roblox’s fastest-growing demographic is between 17 and 24 year-olds
  • The most active users are from the U.S.A. and Canada, with almost 3 billion hours of gaming in the second quarter 2022

Metaverse business tools

Creators and businesses will play a major role in the creation of the Metaverse. There are still ways to get involved in AR and digital products until then. Here are some business tools to consider:

  • FiltersAugmented Reality filters can transform your face into a dog, or give you new make-up looks.
  • Digital Items Fortnite’s digital merchandise sales accounted for $1.8 billion. NFTs are another popular digital item, making the market worth $22 Billion.
  • Advertising:AR can be found on Facebook advertising. It allows consumers to test your products and brand interactively.

Metaverse examples

AR can be used for advertising. MADE did it. It used advertisements to encourage people to use AR to visualize how furniture would look inside their homes. It had a 2.5x conversion ratio.

Another way to get your followers to share your brand is to create your own Instagram AR filter. To celebrate the launch of the TV show Loki, Disney created a filter. The filter also adds Loki’s Horned Helmet.


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