It’s clear that Gen Z is different.

However, the definition of Gen Z varies depending upon who you ask. For example, if I ask you, it’s anyone who’s never had to rewind VHS tapes.

It’s impossible to draw a straight line between Gen Z and Millennials. Being part of a certain generation is as much about cultural influence than it is about age. What traumatic movie shaped your childhood? The Lion King, Up? We’ll use the definition of by Pew Research Center for the purposes of this blog: anyone born after 1997 is considered to be part of Gen Z .

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For example, March 2021 Statista study says that 62% Gen Z and Millennials purchased something due to social media marketing in that month. However, it doesn’t distinguish between the two generations.

Again, it isn’t always easy to distinguish between them. There are important differences.

  • Gen Zers are more likely than Millennials to continue education after high school (compared with 52% of Millennials and 43% of Gen Xers).
  • The Gen Zers in America are more racially- and ethnically diverse than the Millennials. 50% of Gen Z identify themselves as BIPOC, while 39% Millennials identify themselves as BIPOC.
  • Although their views are similar, Gen Zers tend to be slightly more progressive than Millennials. Gen Z tends to be liberal-leaning and is more likely than Millennials to support gay marriage, racial equality and the use of gender neutral pronouns.

According to Gen Zers, 45% believe that trustworthiness and transparency are key factors in attracting customers. Don’t let social marketing be about selling. Create content that reflects your values and tells as much about your brand as possible.

A clothing company that wants to market to Generation Z, for example, should be transparent about the materials used, where they were made, and what conditions they were made in.

Their jokes and acronyms. Then, slay away.

This takes time and it’s not easy to be cool. Do not force the language (it is unauthentic) or make it too complicated (it’s clumsy). You want to be the cool aunt and not the hard-working stepdad. How can you ensure your content speaks Gen Z’s languages? These people can be hired to join your social media team.

(Psst. Gen Z, if your goal is to find a job in social networking, here are some tips.

According to Technographics data by Forrester, nearly a third of Gen Z said that they unfollowed, blocked, or hidden brands on social media on an almost weekly basis. Why? “Gen Zers won’t hesitate to cancel brands if they feel a weak veneer.”

According to a Forbes 2022 story, this is true. It states that younger generations are more likely than older generations to link a brand’s real-world social impact to their shopping decisions. They are looking at everything, from ethical manufacturing practices to employee treatment and eco-friendly initiatives to sustainability.

Don’t rainbow-wash your June campaign. You shouldn’t use BIPOC employees to embellish your content, or claim that a product is made sustainably. You can show your true support for your community by volunteering, giving money, supporting marginalized voices, and attending marches and rallies.

More likely to follow several influencers than their older counterparts.

Source:Morning Consulting

Furthermore, 24% of Gen Z females say that influencers are their most trusted source for information about new products to purchase.

Source:Morning Consulting

Collaborating with influencers is a very effective way to market to Gen Z. It’s all part of that brand authenticity/speaking the language business: Gen Z wants to buy from brands they trust, and they hear about brands they trust from people they trust.

Morning Consult’s report, Gen Z’s reasons to follow influencers includes that they “produce content and information in an entertaining way” and that “they provide interesting content within a more personal setting.”

Boring content will get you nowhere. Gen Zers believe that being funny or engaging is the most important factor in deciding whether to follow an influencer.

Source:Morning Consulting

Gen Z is sharp, smart, and often darkly sarcastic.

This generation will benefit from you being able to take a joke.

After a bizarre rumour that Lea Michele couldn’t read was spread among Gen Zers the celeb responded with a TikTok laughing at the joke. The TikTok post received 14.3 million views, and the comments are very positive. It was a brilliant move. Please tell Lea if you are reading this.

Hootsuite’s Global Digital Report can be a great resource for finding out which demographics use social media sites.

TikTok is a great way to connect with Gen Z females. According to a 2021 Statista survey, TikTok ranks third in terms of influence on Gen Z females’ purchasing decisions.

TikTok is the only channel that ranks higher than TikTok. These endorsements are real-life recommendations, family members and friends who have seen a friend or family use a product. Instagram ads and IG influencer post rank high, while Facebook ads and Twitter ads are less likely than Facebook ads to convince Gen Z women.


Gen Z consumers are motivated to connect with new brands on social media because of this number one reason. If all else fails, make a sale.


@espn Yup!
#NBAisBack #thatssoraven #nba #basketball ♬ original sound – ESPN

This clip was lighthearted, funny, and easily shared, making it more engaging than traditional ads. It was shared by even non-sports fans, with some commenting that it convinced them to watch basketball.

This post is on Instagram
A post shared with FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA, @fentybeauty

Fenty challenged followers to post TikToks with the campaign’s hashtag and tag Fenty Beauty to enter. This encouraged thousands of creators (some large followings) to post Fenty Beauty products.

This campaign is all about giving back to consumers. The winner receives a lot of Fenty products as well as a modeling experience and travel to 2 brand events. It’s a way for followers to share their products. It’s also a way to discover new voices in the industry. It’s a chance to further demonstrate their brand values.

10/10, Riri.

People went insane when they donated the company, valued at $3 billion, to a trust and a non-profit organization.

This post is on Instagram. It was shared by Patagonia (@patagonia).

There are thousands of comments that promise to buy Patagonia products, and there are many supportive emojis. One commenter said, “Thank you for making my holiday and birthday shopping so easy for me for the rest of our lives on this planet.”

This is the place to look if you want to show genuine company values and engage Gen Z with your brand.

@scrubdaddy Sowwy can’t help but love it
. #scrubdaddy #smile #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #americasfavoritesponge ♬ original sound – CrazyBerry

This TikTok company is so Gen Z-friendly that we would be shocked if it was not run by a Gen Zer.

Scrub Daddy takes on the role of the villain in a very fun way. He goes where big brands won’t (for instance, profanity is not off the table). These videos may not be for everyone, but they are a lot more entertaining and engaging than the more polished marketing we’re used too. This is a bold, authentic, and exciting move that Gen Z loves.

This post is on Instagram
Glossier (@glossier), shared this post

Glossier Cosmetics isn’t just about glamour. The company partners with celebrities and influencers to achieve a natural look. It’s also much more affordable than luxury brands.

This is why a collaboration with Olivia Rodrigo works. The young singer often does the no-makeup-makeup routine and her young fans will likely purchase makeup that is within their price range.

@ryanair Pressure is getting worse #fyp #sounds #ryanair Sonido Original – Sergioferme

The video above is actually directed towards other brands that use social media marketing. It’s not advertising Ryanair. They will also laugh at people who swear they won’t fly with the airline.

@ryanair Name, shame, #ryanair #kimkardashian original music – KUWTK

Or just a TikTok appreciating Bella Hadid.

@ryanair I am Bella Hadid #idontneedtobereal weak speed – love??

This marketing is great because it doesn’t feel like marketing. Sometimes it seems like Ryan Air doesn’t care if you fly with them. They’re there to have a good time.

This is smart advertising for Gen Z. Younger people who don’t have a lot of disposable income are a great audience to budget airlines. It’s as absurd as a plane with human eyes may sound, but it’s a great brand recognition tool: almost 2 million people follow the account.

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