Understanding LinkedIn analytics is essential for marketers.

Because being data-driven isn’t just a buzzword anymore, it’s a necessity.

LinkedIn Analytics can help you track your progress, measure success, connect with your target audience, and keep track of your goals.

This complete LinkedIn analytics guide will:

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn analytics
  • Find the most important metrics to track
  • LinkedIn analytics tools can simplify reporting and provide deeper insights.

Let’s find out how to get the most from the data on LinkedIn.

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All Page admins have access to the native LinkedIn Analytics tool. It provides

Detailled insights

Performance of your page.

Go to your company page, click on the Analytics tab, and you will be able to access the LinkedIn dashboard. A dropdown menu allows you to view analytics for visitors, followers, competitors, leads, employees advocacy, and updates.

A quick snapshot of your last 30 day activity can be found on the left side of your homepage.

Here’s a breakdown on the metrics available in the native LinkedIn Analytics tool.

These are important LinkedIn demographics.

Hootsuite’s LinkedIn analytics tool gives you all the information that you need to track your brand on LinkedIn.

Hootsuite allows you to connect your LinkedIn account with Hootsuite

  • View detailed analytics of your Company Page and Profile
  • Compare your social media stats side-by-side
  • Check out how your content performs over time
  • Download and share custom reports
  • Receive real-time alerts whenever someone mentions your brand
  • Hootsuite allows you to add multiple LinkedIn accounts and quickly switch between them.

Hootsuite’s LinkedIn analytics software also provides more detailed metrics that LinkedIn’s native tool. These stats include page engagement and page clicks, page time watched, post videos views, post Ow.ly traffic, top postings, and many more.

Here’s a complete list.

Bonus Get a free guide that shows 11 strategies Hootsuite used to grow their LinkedIn audience to 0 to 278,000.

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Hootsuite is great for managing one or multiple LinkedIn Company pages. You can track important stats such as page views, follower growth and engagement levels from your Hootsuite dashboard.

Track content performance over time and compare page stats with competitors. This data can be used to adjust your strategy to make sure you get the most out LinkedIn.

You can also use Hootsuite Impact’s Audience Discover feature to track the online behavior of LinkedIn users. This will allow you to see how LinkedIn users interact with specific topics online. This is a great way for you to find out what your audience cares most about so that you can provide them with more content.

You set marketing goals.

update analytics is a great way to keep track of new audiences and engage them with your brand’s published posts. Track visitors analytics and followers to increase brand awareness.

Start simple if you are new to monitoring LinkedIn metrics. These are the basic metrics that you should be monitoring.

LinkedIn Reactions can be used to display

Different emotional responses

Add emojis to your content. You can choose emojis from the menu to express your appreciation, support, love or curiosity about the content you share.

Shares refers to the number of times a user decides to share your content their LinkedIn following, increasing your post’s reach.

Comments are user comments that have been left under your post.

Calculate engagement rate by adding clicks, interactions, new followers, and new followers to the number of impressions received for the post.

If you are just starting your LinkedIn business page, employee advocacy analytics may not be very important. Depending on your social media goals there are important metrics to track.


  • The increase in the number of recommendations.
  • Posts from recommendations
  • Reactions to posts
  • Comment on posts.
  • Reshares of posts

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Hootsuite Insights powered By Brandwatch helps you monitor

Continued conversations about your brand


This tool allows you to “hear” what people are saying about your brand on social networks. Insights can be used to track mentions and highlight trends. Join important conversations

You can even compare audience demographics across network networks or view the aggregate picture of all your audience on all networks.

This tool can tell you a lot about your audience and how they feel about yourself.

Hootsuite Insights demo available

Beyond vanity metrics to show the

entire customer journey


Take, for example, how someone clicks on your LinkedIn post and goes to making an order. Or, from reading your LinkedIn update to signing-up for your newsletter.

Hootsuite Impact can also be integrated with other metrics tools such as Google Analytics. Analyze your data by campaign or timeframe.

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