Instagram has finally released a new feature that makes our lives simpler. The new Instagram Reels templates are your new best friends if you’ve been intimidated or repelled by Reels.

Reels have become a key focus for most Instagram marketers’ Instagram strategies, due to Instagram’s shift towards short-form videos. According to an Instagram survey, 91% of users view videos every week. Therefore, it’s not surprising that more companies are increasing their video content creation.

The time it takes to make each Reel is what stops most creators and businesses creating mountains of Reels.

Instagram released several Reels updates recently, including a new Reels Templates feature. This makes it easier to create Reels faster.

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What are Instagram Reels templates?

Instagram Reels templates let you create a Reel with pre-set music and clips from existing Reels. Any Reel with music and at least three clips can be used as a template.

Instagram Reels templates are a great way to save time and cut down on the tedious steps of creating Reels. This allows you to spend less time editing and get in on the latest trends faster!

You would have to manually adjust each clip’s length if you wanted to reuse music or timings from another Reel without Reels templates.

How to use Instagram Reels templates

It’s easy to get started using the Instagram Reels templates. We’ll show you how to do it.

1. Use this template to help you get started

There are two ways to find templates in Instagram Reels.

  • Tap on the camera to switch between Reel and Templates.
  • When you are looking through any reel in your feed, make sure to look for one that has a “Use Template” button

Pro tip As you scroll through your Instagram feed, save The Reel to save it later.

2. Add clips to the template

After you’ve chosen your template, tap To use template. You will be taken to a screen where your photos and videos can be selected from your camera roll to be used in the placeholders.

Click on the Add media placeholders. Next, choose the photos or clips you want to appear in your Reel.

To change a clip tap on the individual placeholder to select a new clip.

After you have selected your clips, tap Next.

3. Adjust clips

You can’t alter the length of a template. You can however change the portion of the clip that is displayed. Tap a clip to move the white box to the desired area.

Once you are happy with the alignment of each clip, tap Next.

4. Edit and upload!

This step allows you to add text, stickers or filters to your reel.

Once you tap


You’ll be able to add a cover, caption and location to your reel. Hit the “Publish” button.


To publish!

Bonus Get the 10-Day Reels Challenge for free. is a daily workbook with creative prompts that will get you started with Instagram Reels and help you track your growth. You can also see results across all your Instagram accounts.

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5 Tips to Make Better Reels

There are many things you could do to make your Instagram Reels successful, from choosing the right audio to posting at the right time. Below are five tips to help you improve your Reels.

Use the latest music and templates

Trending music can help your Instagram reels get more engagement and exposure through the music track.

The same principle applies to Instagram Reels templates. You’re more likely engage viewers if you use trending templates (assuming they are familiar with them).

Adventure + Travel (@ourkindlife)

Repurpose existing content

It can be a time-consuming task to create content. Instagram Reel templates make it easy to reuse existing content such as your Instagram Stories clips. You just need to find the right template, and then insert your Stories as video clips in the template.

Use analytics to test and discover what works

You want to know why certain Reels perform better than others? Your Instagram Reels Insights will reveal the answers.

You can compare reach and plays across Reels by looking at likes, comments and saves. We recommend trying out different lengths and audio options to see what works best for your audience.

Once you have identified your top-performing reels, keep making more of the same type.

Use the correct specifications and posting times

You can also give your Instagram Reels the best chance of success by using the right creative specs, and posting at the most convenient times.

This guide will help you identify the best times for posting Instagram Reels. Psst! Hootsuite offers recommendations based on past posts for the best times to post Instagram Reels. When scheduling an Instagram Reel, you can view the suggestions in the Composer.

Optimize your Reel’s #s

You have taken the time to choose the right template, music, and content. The final step? Optimizing your captions and hashtags

We know how time-consuming it can be to research hashtags. We compiled a list of 150+ #tags for fitness, travel and food.

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Reels templates

Why don’t some Reels have the “Use a template” option?

To be used as a template, a reel must contain music and at least three clips that have been edited in the Instagram app.

How can I create my Instagram Reel template?

If you publish a Reel it will automatically turn into a Reels template. This is provided your Reel meets all the criteria (contains music, three or more clips that have been edited together in Instagram). Your account must be visible.

Why don’t I see the templates tab

Instagram is slowly rolling it out to users, as with all new features. You should have access to it soon if you don’t already. Keep your Instagram app updated in the meantime.

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