Your social media bio is your first chance to make an impression on your target audience. A good bio can make all the difference in whether or not someone chooses to follow your account.

While followers should not be the only measurement you care about, having more followers can lead your business to reach more people and create more collaboration opportunities. Your followers could even become a community of likeminded people.

We’ve gathered 28 social media templates and bio examples to help you and your brand shine.

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Why a great social media bio is important

Your social media bio is often the first thing a user sees when they search for your account. It’s important to have a complete and engaging profile.

Even if you don’t post any organic content and only run dark social media posts, you should still complete your social media bios. A good bio can be likened to a storefront. It can inspire trust in potential customers who are not familiar with your brand.

Social media bios can be optimized for SEO (for most social networks). This means that the keywords you include to your bio can help your account be found through both in-app searches or general web search engines.

This is the information you need to include in your social media bios, regardless of whether you are a creator or a business.

  • Who are you?
  • What you do/provide/sell
  • Where is your business located?
  • Your business category or interests (for personal branding)
  • How can someone get in touch?
  • Your website
  • Call to Action

Instagram bios

Character limit: 150 characters

Your Instagram bio should encourage profile visitors to take action, regardless of whether you are a company or a personal branding brand. This could mean clicking on your link, browsing your products, or simply following you account.

Personal brands are my favorite. I love to see how creative content creators and influencers make their Instagram bios. Companies and organizations often need to include additional information in their Instagram bios. This includes store hours, locations, and other brand accounts. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be creative!

These templates and examples will inspire you, no matter if you are looking to improve the bio for a personal or business account.

Personal brands

Template 1 – What are you most known for?

[Who are you/what are you known for]

[Something unique about you]

[Affiliated accounts/businesses]

Example: @classycleanchic

Template 2 – The Emoji List

[Your interests/content themes]

[Affiliated Account/Job Title + Company]


[Contact info]

Example: @steffy

Template 3: Symbols + bio link CTA

[Reason for following]

[Your interests/content themes]

[Contact info]

| [CTA] |


Example: @tosomeplacenew

Companies and organizations

Template 1 : Brand mission

[Brand mission statement]

Example: @bookingcom

Example: @lululemon

Template 2 – UGC hashtags

[Brand mission]

[Branded/UGC hashtags]

[Contact info]

Example: @passionpassport

Template 3 – All your brand accounts

[Brand statement + UGC hashtag]

[Emoji + associated accounts]

[Emoji + associated accounts]

[Emoji + associated accounts]



Example: @revolve

Are you still looking for inspiration? Here are 10 more Instagram bio ideas to make your profile stand out.

Twitter bios

Character limit: 160 characters

Twitter is more conversational than a platform. Your Twitter bio is a great place to show off your brand’s tone or personality.

It’s like a cold opening for a TV series: you want your bio grab attention so people stay for the rest.

These are the main features that you should include in your Twitter bio:

  • Your name
  • Wherever you are located
  • Brand mission/tagline
  • Other accounts
  • Branded hashtags
  • Website (if it is not your main bio link).

Here are some examples and templates to help you get started.

Personal brands

Template 1 – The pipe/emoji separators

[Previous companies/notable roles]

Example: @ChiThukral

Example: @pattimmons_

Template 2 – The paragraph breaks

[What you do/what your reputation is for]

[What are you working on]

[CTA + website link]

Example: @TomFrankly

Template 3 – Full sentences

[What are you most known for]. [What you do]. [Other interesting jobs/businesses]. [Witty ending/CTA].

Example: @thecultureofme

Example: @SaverioBianchi

Companies and organizations

Template 1 – Tagline + brand hashtag

[Brand tagline]. [Branded hashtag(s)].

Example: @Anthropologie

Example: @Avalanche

Template 2: Customer support

[Brand mission/tagline]

Need help? Need support? Visit [support account/website].

Example: @intercom

Template 3 – The accounts list

[Brand mission/tagline].

[Emoji] Affiliated account

[Emoji] Affiliated account

Example: @NHL

Want more ideas? Here are 30 more examples of Twitter bios.

TikTok bios

Character limit: 80 characters

Are you ready to be ruthless? You can do the same with your TikTok profile, which has half the characters as other platforms. Linktree copycats are popping up all the time, as they allow TikTok creators expand their bios and monetize their audience.

TikTok bios are open to many creative options due to the platform’s highly creative nature. Although TikTok bios may not be as structured as Instagram ones there are some things you can include.

  • Your main topics/themes
  • Call to Action
  • Localization
  • Contact information (since there aren’t any contact buttons like on Instagram).
  • Website (available for business accounts after you reach 1,000 followers).

Personal brands

Template 1 – Short and sweet

[Who are you]

[Content themes]

[Contact info]

Example: @lothwe

Template 2 – The CTA

[One liner to sum up your TikTok]


Example: @victoriagarrick

Template 3 – Personality spotlight

[What made you famous/went viral]

[Why users should follow your]

Example: @jera.bean

Companies and organizations

Template 1 : The CTA

[What you do/provide/sell]


Example: @the.leap

Template 2: We’re cool, kids

[Witty description of your brand/product]

Example: @ryanair

You need more inspiration? Get more inspiration from our GIANT collection of TikTok bio suggestions.

Facebook bios

Character limit: 255 characters (About), 50,000 characters (Additional Info)

The bio for Facebook Pages is located in the About section of your home tab (also on a separate tab). Facebook allows you to fill out a few fields, including your website and contact information, as well as links to other social media accounts and an additional description box.

It is important to complete all details as Facebook is often the first place customers go to for information about your company.

Although most fields are easy to fill out, there are some suggestions for getting started with the About section and Additional Info section.

Template 1 – Short and sweet

About: [Short one liner, such your brand tagline]

Example: @nike

Template 2 – History, community policy, and additional links

About: [Company mission/tagline]

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Additional information: [Company mission + History]. [Facebook community guidelines]. [Page disclaimers].

Website: [link]

Other social media accounts: [Username(s),]

Email: [Contact info]

Example: @NGM

Template 3 – Why follow us?

About: [Brand tagline]

Additional information: [Why users should Follow Your Page]. What content should you expect? [How your followers will benefit from your content].

[Facebook community policy + disclaimers].

Guidelines for social media communities: [link to complete terms]

Example: @travelandleisure

LinkedIn bios

The bio sections on other social media platforms are the same for personal branding and company profiles. This is different on LinkedIn.

Your bio is the summary section of your profile for personal accounts. For companies and organisations, the bio is the About section of the company page. Below are some tips to help you with both.

Personal brands

Character limit: 2,600 characters

Your summary section is the most important part of your profile. It can make a difference whether people read it or skip to the next section.

These are my top tips for attracting followers, recruiters, and business partners.

  • Write it in the first person (use the “I”)
  • Engage with it using a conversational tone. This is one area where you can be a little more casual.
  • Highlight your most notable achievements, such as in-demand talents, previous companies’ work, and quantifiable accomplishments

Template 1 – The skills checklist

Hi, I’m [current title] and [one-liner that explains why my profile viewers (aka recruiters) are most likely to be interested in my job].

I have become an expert in [area 1, 2, and area 3] over the [#] years that I’ve worked in [industry/role].

My proudest achievements are [example 1, [example 2, and [example 3,].

Skills & qualifications:

[skill 1]

[skill 1]

[skill 1]

[contact info]

Example by Laura Wong

Template 2 – The sales pitch

Hi, I’m [name].

I’m a [job title]. I do [what do YOU do for work/your company].

Do not believe me – [Social proof], [Business accomplishments].

Learn more at [website].

[services that I offer + how can you contact me]

[Links to other social media sites]

Example: Vanessa Lau

Companies and organizations

Character limit: 2,000 characters

You have 2,000 characters to fill out your company’s “description” area. However, I strongly recommend not using all of it. LinkedIn company pages have many fields that you can fill out, so it is not necessary to include everything about your business in the bio.

Similar to personal accounts and LinkedIn, I believe the best way to use your bio to highlight your company’s strongest selling points. Keep in mind that people who visit your company page are more likely than to buy from you to work with you, to work with you.

While you need to cover the basics, such as where your company is located and what you do/sell/provide, it is important to also include employer branding aspects like perks and company values and how compensation is determined.

Note: Links won’t work within your description. So leave out the URLs. Your website URL can be added in a dedicated field.

Template 1 – Company overview + culture

[What your company does]. [A brief overview of your products]. [The problems that you solve for customers].

[Company history/background].

[Company culture + what is it like to work there].

[Core values of the company and how they are applied]

[CTA + website link]

Example: Hotjar

Template 2 – Get me to the Jobs

[Company mission]. [What it’s like working at your company]. [Company values].

View all of our career opportunities here: [link]

Example from Google

Pinterest bios

Character limit: 160 characters

Your Pinterest bio introduces you and your business to your followers. Pinterest is a visual medium, so your bio should be concise and direct. Let your actual content speak for themselves.

Although hashtags can be useful in other social media profiles, they don’t work well on Pinterest. Pinterest uses keywords in your bio and post descriptions as well as board descriptions to help users find you.

Keep this in mind when writing your bio. Make sure you include relevant descriptions about yourself and your brand. Also, be strategic with your words (without sounding like an algorithm).

Personal brands

Template 1 – The basics

[What you are known for + your content themes]. You can check out [main social media channel/external link].

Example: @tiffy4u

Template 2: For creative & service-based entrepreneurs

[What services you provide]

Example: @evarendlphotography

Companies and organizations

Template 1 – What do you pin?

[Description of what your business does/sells/provides]. Pin [Content type(s)]

Example: @flytographer

Template 2 – UGC callout

We are sharing [type] of content and [type] of content that you can only find through [company name]. Use the [branded hashtag] to share yours.

Example: @airbnb

These social media bio templates will help you get started as a social media professional. Hootsuite allows you to schedule and publish posts to increase your social media skills.

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