Do you want to know how to create an Instagram business account? We have good news for you: Anyone can get one.

An Instagram business profile is an important tool in your digital arsenal. Instagram boasts approximately 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, many of whom are happy to follow brands.

This article will show you how to set up your company profile, the four benefits of switching, and how you can delete it if you decide to change your mind. We’ve also included a handy chart that allows you to compare creator, personal, or business profiles.

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Use Instagram to your advantage.

90% of Instagram users follow a business. It’s easy to use the platform.

Let’s not judge you if you are still unsure if an Instagram business account is right for you. An Instagram business profile can help you save time and increase your audience.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule Instagram posts.

Best posting time is based on past engagement, organic reach and click-through data

  • Generate downloadable reports
  • You can look at specific post performance using your preferred measures.
  • Rank Instagram comments by sentiment. (positive or negative).
  • Hootsuite is free to try You can cancel at any time.

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    This article will provide more information on how to set up an Instagram shop. Get your product on the digital shelves.

    Influencer marketing works because people trust others more than brands. Partnering up with creators who are passionate about your products can be a profitable marketing strategy.

    Here are some more tips to maximize your Instagram advertising strategy.

    Bonus: 14 time-saving hacks for Instagram Power users. Find out the secrets Hootsuite uses to create top-notch content.

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    Here’s what creator accounts look like.

    Feature Profil of a business Personal profile Creator profile
    Private profile capabilities
    Insights and Growth Analytics
    Access to the creator studio
    Sortable inbox
    Ability to quickly reply to DMs
    Display category in profile
    Contact information for profile
    Information about your location on your profile
    Integration of third-party apps
    Instagram Storefront featuring shoppable products. Shop insights

    How to remove a business profile from Instagram

    It is easy to delete an Instagram business profile. First, let’s clarify what we mean. You can’t go back to some of these.

    You can delete the “business” section of your profile and change it back to a personal account. You can simply go back to your settings (using your hamburger menu). Navigate to account. Scroll down to Switch account at the bottom, and click To open a personal account.

    If you wish to delete your entire account, please remember that all photos, videos, comments and likes will be deleted forever. You can temporarily deactivate your account if you aren’t sure. If you are certain, you can delete your account by clicking here.

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