Social media marketers have a long list of tasks. They manage campaigns, create posts, engage with followers, and publish a lot of content. This last step can be the most time-consuming. Unless they are using a Facebook auto poster.

Marketers can schedule organic and paid content ahead of time with auto posters. This allows them to streamline their strategy and keep track of their content calendars.

Continue reading to learn more about Facebook Auto Posters and how they can help you make your job easier.

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What is a Facebook auto poster and what does it mean?

A Facebook poster is a tool that allows you to publish Facebook posts at a time.

There are many Facebook auto-posting tools available. Each has its own benefits and features.

No matter what tool you choose, ensure it has three key features.

  • Schedule posts for the future or publish now.
  • Post to multiple Facebook groups, pages, and profiles simultaneously, or at different times.
  • All types of content can be shared: Text, images, links, and videos

A good tool will have an intuitive interface, detailed reporting, and dashboards. You may be able to manage multiple Facebook accounts from the same place.

Why should you auto-post to Facebook?

An auto poster for Facebook can streamline your social media management. You may be surprised at the utility of these tools.

Here are three benefits to using a Facebook auto-poster.

Save time

Have you ever heard the expression “Work smarter, and not harder?”

Let’s suppose you manage a Facebook marketing campaign for an online clothing company. You need to post quality content multiple times per day. You can also have multiple Facebook Pages and Groups, as well as a global following that is located in different time zones.

You would have to copy and paste all your content for each Group and Page without a Facebook auto-poster. It sounds tedious and time-consuming, but it is.

You can focus on what is important when a Facebook auto poster does the monotonous work for you.

Post at the best possible time

We all know that Facebook’s best time to post is between 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. ).

Depending on your audience and where you are located, the best time to post is 11 PM or 5:05 AM. You don’t have to get up early or stay up late. Instead, you can use an automated publisher so you don’t miss a single hour of sleep.

Automated Facebook posters can publish your posts at the best time for your audience. Automating posts means you don’t have to log in at odd hours like 3AM. Instead, you can set up posts ahead and let the tool do its job.

You can even find the best times for posting to your audience using some tools.

Be consistent in publishing

Facebook engagement can only be increased if you are consistent.

Your audience will be more likely to engage with your content if you are consistent in showing up in their feeds. This engagement tells Facebook that your content is valuable and worth sharing. You will then be rewarded with a higher organic reach.

Posting consistently is a benefit to your business, no matter what the news week is or how busy it is during the holiday season.

Four of the best Facebook auto-posting tools

Are you ready to save time?

These are the top four Facebook auto-posting tools that will help you optimize your Facebook post publishing calendar.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook’s native auto-poster can be used by Facebook Business Pages. You can schedule, edit, reschedule or delete a post or Story. It’s easy to use and completely free.

You can schedule posts and stories on different Pages or Groups if you are logged in to the correct account.

These tools can only be used if you have a Facebook business account. Facebook Business Suite cannot be used to schedule posts to your personal Facebook account.

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio can also be used to save, schedule, and backdate posts. To use Creator Studio to auto-post, simply create your post as usual using the Create button.

Click the arrow next to publish, then Schedule for.

Creator Studio can also be used to backdate posts. This feature allows you to make a new post appear as though it was published in the past.


The built-in tools of Meta are fantastic. You might need a more powerful tool if you are active on multiple platforms.

Hootsuite Professional accounts allow you to schedule unlimited posts for up 10 social media profiles.

Hootsuite can also help you measure metrics such as engagement, mentions, keywords and hashtags.

Hootsuite is free to try You can cancel at any time.

Hootsuite Social Advertising

Even Meta’s built in tools can be a bit cumbersome if you want to manage paid content alongside organic posts. Hootsuite makes it so much easier.

Hootsuite Social Advertising allows you to plan, publish, and track all of your organic and paid Facebook content from one place. You can also track your results in real time and make quick changes to maximize your ad spend.

Hootsuite vs. Facebook: Scheduling posts

Facebook’s auto poster tools are great for small teams but don’t scale with your business.

Features like approval workflows for content may be required by larger teams, such as those found in Hootsuite. These features make it possible for multiple people to work together on your content.

Hootsuite’s content-creation tools are also robust. Hootsuite offers a free image library, GIFs and more advanced editing tools that you will find in Facebook Business Suite. You can also track the ROI of your social media efforts with the built-in URL shortener.

Hootsuite also offers personalized best times to publish. This tool analyzes your account’s past performance and suggests the best times to post.

This allows you to schedule your content when it’s most likely that it will make an impact.

How to use Hootsuite for automating your Facebook posts

Hootsuite makes it easy to schedule Facebook posts. Hootsuite’s auto schedule feature can be used to automate the entire process.

Here’s how you can schedule and automate Facebook posts with Hootsuite

  1. Go to Composer, and select Post.
  2. After you have created your content, click Schedule and choose a date and a time for the content’s live.
  3. Select the icon to choose the day that you wish the post to be published.
  4. You can set a time for the post’s publication on the chosen day. Paid plan customers can choose a preferred time. All times are scheduled in 5-minute increments.
  5. After you have selected a date/time, click Done and then Schedulespan styling=”font-size 1rem ;”>.

Here’s how to save time and schedule up to 350 Facebook posts in bulk using Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s AutoSchedule function helps you avoid missing content. The tool automatically schedules posts for publication at high engagement times. The tool automates the process of testing multiple times for your posts instead of you having to manually test them.

Here’s how you can use Hootsuite’s auto-scheduling feature:

  1. As usual, compose your post. Add a caption, edit your images and add a link.
  2. For later , click Schedule. This will open the scheduling calendar. Instead of manually choosing when your post should go live by clicking on the calendar, you can use the AutoSchedule option.
  3. Change the AutoSchedule feature from Tospan style=”font size: 1rem ;”>.

  4. Click Donespan styling=”font-size ;”>. Relax, AutoSchedule has been set up.

Automating Facebook posts: Best practices

While Facebook auto posters are great, they can be a real necessity when used efficiently.

These five best practices will help you automate your Facebook posts.

Different audiences may require you to adjust your post

Let’s say you own a yoga brand that sells yoga wear. You also organize workshops and classes at six of your store locations. Each location has its own Facebook Page and Group.

People who like and follow each store’s Page have different interests. It’s like this: While they may share a love for yoga, a suburban mom and a 20something urbanite will likely have very different lives.

You will need to adjust your posts for each Page in order to connect with these different audiences.

You don’t necessarily have to rewrite everything. However, you can customize your message for each Group/Page before scheduling it. Your Page followers should find the information you post accurate and relevant.

Schedule posts at the best time for your audience

Reliability is a key factor in the Facebook algorithm. It is important to post when your audience will be able to see it. Hootsuite’s Best Time to Publish function allows you to schedule posts for days and times when your audience is most active on the platform.

The more people who see your Facebook posts, then the more likely they are to generate engagement, boost traffic and increase your following.

If necessary, pause your posts

Sometimes, the unexpected happens, like a global pandemic. You might want to pause and think about the launch of your new footwear line instead of posting about it.

Check in on your scheduled posts regularly to see what’s new. Hootsuite allows you to pause or delete your scheduled posts before they are published to avoid any potential fallout.

Analyse the performance of each post

It can be tempting to forget about your social media content when you use an autoposter on Facebook. It’s important to monitor your posts and check in on them. A good tool can help you identify which content generates the most engagement from your audience.

Your Facebook analytics will show you how your marketing efforts are performing. You can track things such as clicks, comments and reach, share, reach, shares or reach over time.

Hootsuite Analytics will show you which posts are performing well. These insights will help you create more content that resonates with your audience.

This video will explain how to track Facebook analytics with Hootsuite.

Posts should not be scheduled too far in advance

The future is unpredictable. It’s easy for social media content planners to lose track of what they have planned. The best brands are aware of their audience and the current trends and events that could impact them.

Hootsuite makes it easy to automate and save time when engaging your Facebook fans. You can schedule posts ahead, keep track of your competitors, boost the best-performing content, and much more. Get it today for free.

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