YouTube was launched in 2005 and has seen many video trends and many forms entertainment since then. Who can forget Charlie Bit My Finger and David After Dentist? Or the still relevant Leave Britney Alone?

YouTube Shorts was created by the team behind one the most popular websites in the world. These short videos last between 15 and 60 seconds and are intended to entertain viewers and drive engagement for creators and brands.

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What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short-form vertical video content that is created with a smartphone and uploaded to YouTube directly from the YouTube app.

YouTube’s built in creation tools allow you to capture, edit, add music (including from Sony, Universal, Warner), add animated text, control your speed, and combine multiple 15-second clips to create your Shorts.

Your Shorts viewers can comment, like and dislike the video, and subscribe to your channel. YouTube keeps the content, unlike other short-form video apps such as Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories, and it doesn’t disappear.

YouTube Shorts: Why not?

YouTube Shorts was first launched in India on September 14th, 2020. It was then rolled out across the U.S. March 18th 2021. YouTube Shorts quickly exceeded 6.5 billion daily views worldwide. On July 12, 2021, Shorts was released in beta mode to 100 countries.

YouTube’s Vice President of Product Management, described the video format as “a new, short-form video experience that creators and artists can create using only their mobile phones” and added, “Shorts is an innovative way to express yourself in less than 15 seconds.”

YouTube’s attempt to create short-form video content isn’t too far from other ephemeral social media videos, such as TikTok and Instagram Stories, Snapchat Spotlight and even Twitter Fleets (RIP).

YouTube is not unfamiliar with short-form video. The channel’s first upload was only 18 seconds in length.

YouTube Shorts is able to convert viewers into subscribers, which is a must-have for creators and brands.

YouTube Shorts can be set up in two ways. You can either create a separate channel or place the Shorts widget on your main channel. We recommend that you keep your Shorts on the main channel. This is because if you have your Shorts content on your main channel, it will be easier for your audience stay engaged and allow them to jump from Shorts to YouTube videos.

You can search for your Shorts by clicking Shorts in the YouTube app.

Alternativ, viewers can access Shorts

  • On YouTube Homepage
  • On your channel page
  • Via notifications

How long is YouTube’s YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are vertical videos of 60 seconds or less. Shorts can be either a continuous 60-second video or multiple 15-second videos. Your Short can only use music from YouTube.

Pro tip YouTube will automatically classify any YouTube video that is less than 60 seconds as a Short.

How to create and upload YouTube shorts

Step 1: Download YouTube App

YouTube only allows you to create Shorts directly in the app. YouTube has made a smart move to keep all information in one place. Instead of asking users to download and sign up for another app to create Shorts, they have decided to make this a smart move.

The following steps will allow you to access the YouTube app:

  1. Log in to your app store (iOS App Store, Google Play) and search YouTube
  2. Get the official YouTube app
  3. Log in using your Google login, or a separate YouTube login

Step 2: Create your YouTube short

1. Tap (+). Icon on the app homepage. Next, tap Create Short

2. To record a 15-second clip of video, hold down the red record button . Or tap it to stop recording.

3. Tap the number 15, above the record button, to change the video length from 60 seconds to 60 seconds

4.To add special effects or elements to your video, use the toolbar to the right.

a. To switch the camera view, tap the rotating arrows

b. b.

c. Tap on the clock symbol to set a countdown for hands-free videos

d. Add filters for your Short by tapping on the three circles symbol

e. Add retouching and editing to your video by using the magic Wand

f. Tap on the person Icon to change your background and add a greenscreen or photo from your phone’s library

g. Tap on the ghost Icon to align your transitions between clips

5. To add sound to your Short tap on the Add sound icon at the top of the screen. You can add an audio track to your Short only before you start recording, or afterward during the editing process.

6. Made a mistake? Tap on the reverse arrow near the record button to undo

Step 3: Edit your Short and upload it

  1. After you’re done recording, tap on the checkmark and save your Short
  2. Next, finish your Short with a music track, text and filters
  3. To edit the video timeline, tap the timeline Icon.
  4. After you’re done editing, tap Next at the top right-hand side
  5. Add the details of your Short to determine if you want the video to be open, not listed, private.
  6. Choose whether your video is suitable for children or requires an age restriction
  7. To publish your video, tap Upload Short

How to monetize YouTube Shorts

You might be wondering, “How can YouTube Shorts be monetized?”. YouTube is a popular platform for creators and brands to generate additional revenue. YouTube is the only platform that allows creators to share revenue.

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Although this was not always the case, there are some good news. Shorts creators will be eligible for the Partner Program in early 2023. This allows them to earn ad revenue through YouTube.

To join the Partner Program, shorts creators must have at least 10,000,000 views in the past 90 days. Creators will receive 45% of the ad revenue generated by their videos once they are in the program.

YouTube’s Partner Program is a compelling reason to concentrate your short-form video efforts. If you can build an audience on YouTube, you could make serious money.

YouTube Shorts: Best practices

Get right to it

Your video should be exciting in the first few seconds. This will grab the attention of the audience right away.

Keep it short

A short video is not the same as a full-length video. They work best when there are multiple segments. To keep your viewers interested, try different cuts and edits.

Replays are a great idea!

The loop is used to play shorts, so think about how your content will be perceived if it’s repeated repeatedly.

Add value

Do not just create for the sake. Instead, create value for your audience through your Short. Align the content with a goal (e.g., increase engagement 10% or acquire 1000 more subscribers).

What’s your hook?

What makes a viewer return for more? Consider how you can get your audience to keep watching your Shorts over and over again.

Get the vibe right

YouTube Shorts is not the place to shorten your long videos. Shorts, much like Instagram Reels or TikTok is where you can give your audience short, concise, and easily digestible content.

7 ways you can use YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are a great way to reach consumers with shorter attention spans.

Short-form video is being used by just under 40% of businesses to promote their products or services. You may be left behind if you wait too long. So, get creating!

Promote your regular channel

YouTube Shorts can be used to promote and grow your channel. Each time you post a Short, your content gets a view. This could lead to a subscriber or someone who engages in your main channel content.

When you post a Short, the subscriber box is always visible. This makes it easy for people to subscribe if they like what you see.

YouTube’s algorithm is made easier by shorts. Your channel will experience an increase in engagement which is one of the key ranking factors that determines how YouTube prioritizes content. This will increase your channel’s exposure.

Showcase less polished videos

YouTube videos don’t have to be perfected and pre-planned. Your audience will be able to see behind the scenes (BTS), video footage that shows the background of your channel, brand and products.

Behind-the scenes footage can take many forms. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Events for companies
  • Product launches
  • Coming soon: Product updates
  • Renovations, e.g., for workplace updates

BTS videos can help you establish your brand as authentic, which is a big plus for tapping into the authenticity-driven Gen Z. They also help to build consumer trust. People buy from people. BTS videos are a great way for your brand to show your human side and build a strong relationship.

The Voice, a popular US singing competition, used shorts to show exclusive BTS footage.

Tease your audience

You can think of Shorts as the amuse bouche of video marketing. Use the format to get the attention of potential leads. You could, for example, post a 30-second Short about a product release. Then, add a CTA to direct viewers to a longer YouTube Video that provides more information and directs them to a landing page where they can sign up for early access.

Dental Digest is one the most successful Shorts creators. They’ve created this short teaser review about a well-known toothbrush line. The Short works because it is short, engaging, relevant, appealing to a younger audience and positions Dental Digest in its field as an authority.

Engage on the fly

YouTube Shorts allow your audience to interact with your brand quickly, rather than spending the time to watch a full-length movie. Because 5% of viewers stop watching videos after one minute, short-form content ensures your audience watches the entire video, gets all your messages, and engages with your CTA.

Get in on the latest trends

In 2021, the world-famous Kpop group BTS will be forming (not to misunderstand with the acronym behind-the scenes!) YouTube partnered with BTS to announce the Permission to Dance Challenge. The challenge invited people around the world to record and share a 15 second version of their latest hit song.

Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s global head for music, stated that “We are humbled by being partnering with them [BTS] in the ‘Permission To Dance’ challenge on YouTube Shorts. This will help to spread happiness amongst their followers on YouTube around the world and build lasting relationships.”

Shorts gives brands and creators the chance to jump on a new trend, such as a dance move or challenge on social media. While we don’t recommend that you have to participate in every challenge on social media, being aware of the latest video trends will help position your brand and increase your chances of going viral.

Your user-generated content should be more polished

YouTube Shorts are an easy way to request user-generated content (UGC). Shorts can be created anywhere with a smartphone. You could ask brand loyalists to create YouTube Shorts that show the unboxing experience. This will help you expand your brand’s reach.

Save money

YouTube shorts are a cost-effective way to market your video content. This format can be created with any smartphone. It eliminates the need to hire a video marketing agency or creative agency to create your video content.

YouTube Shorts should not be your entire social media strategy. They should be an integral part of your video strategy. You can work with your social and content team to find ways to incorporate Shorts into your campaigns. Make sure you have a purpose for every video. To retain and delight customers, encourage them to subscribe to your channel to increase YouTube engagement.

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