working hard and making a living is the American dream. making a living and making money is what the Instagram dream is. However, making serious income with social media requires a serious strategy. You will have the best success with Instagram, regardless of whether you are a creator or a company.

Continue reading to be inspired by thirteen examples of brands and creators, and to find tips and tricks for making money on Instagram that are applicable to everyone.

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Second-most downloaded app worldwide. It is the 7th most visited website in the world, the 4th most used social media platform and has 1.22 million users each month. This is all to say that there’s a huge potential audience. There are many opportunities to make money with this large and diverse audience.

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You can find 35 more Instagram stats here.

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$100 to $1500: Brian Hanly, CEO at Bullish Studio (a talent agency that supports influencers), explains how much creators can be paid to post a swipe-up ad on their Instagram stories.

$983,000.00: This is the amount Kylie Jenner makes per ad/sponsored content post

$1.604,000: This is the amount Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly earns per post

Hype Auditor conducted a survey of almost 21,000 influencers (mostly based in the U.S.), to find out how much they make. Here’s what they found.

  • The average influencer earns $2970 per month . The average number is not the best, as there’s so much differentiation between highs and lows. This is reflected in the next stat.
  • Micro-influencers are accounts with between one and ten thousand followers. Mega-influencers, which have accounts with more than one million followers, earn an average $1420 per month.


Top 5 Instagram earners in 2022

Celebrities have an advantage in fame and get thousands of followers when they sign up on Instagram. While this isn’t the case for everyone, it’s still inspiring to see just how much an influencer can make by using social media platforms. Here are the top five Instagram earners today:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 475 million followers, an estimated average price per posting of $1,604,000
  2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 334 Million followers with an average price per post at $1,523,000
  3. Ariana Grande – 328 Million followers with an average price per post estimated at $1,510,000
  4. Kylie Jenner – 365 million followers, an estimated average price per posting of $1,494,000
  5. Selena Gomez has 341 million followers and an estimated average price per posting of $1,468,000

It is important to keep up with the latest trends in order to be successful on the platform in 2022. Here’s how.

1.4% of Instagrammers claim that they use the app to shop every week.

Use Instagram to showcase all the great things about your company–specifically, anytime you’re having a sale. Your sale, promo code or special offer can be shared on Instagram to promote a sale to your followers.

This holiday sale post by @smashtess has many comments that are simply people tagging friends. It’s a great way to promote the sale, and it also allows you to share the sale organically.

This post is on Instagram. It was shared by Smash + Tess (@smashtess).

2. You can use the “Reminder” function to remind potential customers when new products will be made available for purchase. This creates excitement around your offer and users receive a notification reminding them that the goods are available for purchase.

Check out

The goods

3. Instagram Shops allow you to make money directly from the app. It’s easy to create a shop using the platform’s native eCommerce tools.

Instagram shops are the best friend of impulse buyers (or worst nightmare depending on how you view it). Along with regular posts, your shoppable products and services will appear in the news feeds of your followers.

An Instagram shop can be a great way for people who use social media to quickly provide customer service (basically, everyone–75% global population over 13 years old). To learn more about your brand, customers can DM you or comment upon posts. (Hint: If you feel overwhelmed by your DMs, you might consider using a chatbot for customer service support.

The little shop icon will appear when you post something that contains a buyable item. This lets viewers know that it is available for purchase. uses shoppable labels in many of its posts.

4. Hootsuite allows you to schedule shoppable Instagram posts

Hootsuite allows you to create, schedule, or auto-publish shoppable Instagram images, videos, and carousel post alongside all your other social media content.

These steps will allow you to tag a product on an Instagram post using Hootsuite:

1. Open your Hootsuite dashboard, and then go to Composer.

2. Select an Instagram Business profile under Publish

3. Upload your media (upto 10 images or videos) then type your caption.

4. Select Tag products in the preview to the right. Video and images are slightly different.

  • Images: Click on a spot in an image to search for and then select an item from your product catalog. Repeat this process for up to five tags in the same image. When you’re done tagging, click Done.
  • Videos: A catalog search is immediately available. You can search for and select all products that you wish to tag in the video.

5. Select Post now, or Schedule later. If you choose to schedule your post, you’ll see suggestions for the best times for your content to be published for maximum engagement.

That’s all! Your shoppable article will appear in the Hootsuite Planner along with all your other scheduled content.

Hootsuite also allows you to boost existing shoppable posts to increase your chances of people discovering your products.

Note – To take advantage of product tagging in Hootsuite, you’ll need an Instagram Business Account and an Instagram Shop.

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5. Chatbots can be set up

A chatbot on Instagram is a great way to provide excellent customer support and to make sales via direct messages. Chatbots can be integrated directly into your Instagram account or website and can answer any questions that your followers may have. If the question is too complex for the conversational AI chatbot it will automatically pass it to a live member of your team.

How can a chatbot help me earn on Instagram? Simple!

An Instagram chatbot can suggest products in your shop directly to your customers via chat. This will result in faster and more efficient sales.

The chatbot can provide three options for customers who want to know what color foundations you have in stock. They can add them to their cart quickly and easily without leaving the platform.

Source: Heyday

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Influencer marketing allows your company to be shared with the creator’s audience. The creator also gets a spotlight on your audience. It’s a win-win situation.

When looking for people to collaborate with, pay attention to their content, values, and goals. You want the partnership to make sense to customers, and not seem like a marketing scheme.

It makes sense, for example, for a plant-based bakery partner with a vegan influencer (more so than Bill Nye partnering Coca-Cola).

You should try to collaborate with creators who would like to try your products. For example, @maddieziegler, a dancer, has a long-standing partnership with @fabletics activewear brand. You can offer money, goods, or an associate deal to the creator (more information in the “Join a affiliate program” section just above). You can offer your company in exchange for posting about it.

This post is on Instagram. A post shared by maddie @maddieziegler

7. @barebonesbroth and @chosenfoods require that you like and save the post, follow both businesses, and tag a friend. Both brands are creating their audience. Followers are just waiting to become consumers.

This post is on Instagram. It was shared by Chosen Foods @chosenfoods

8. Instagram advertising is one way to make money and track your progress. By boosting any post, you can make it an ad. Your Instagram analytics will show how much the boost has made.

You have a strong following and a clear niche. This will allow you to influence others.

1. @mexicanbutjapanese – Nordstrom

This post is on Instagram

A post shared by Mexicanbutjapanese (@mexicanbutjapanese)

Tip: Be transparent when you are participating in a sponsored post or paid partnership. Use hashtags and mark the post as sponsored. Make sure to mention the partnership in your captions. If you don’t follow Instagram’s branded content guidelines, your posts could be removed.

2. Affiliate programs still require you to connect to businesses that sell specific products or experiences. Affiliate programs pay you to promote other people’s products. Again, make sure the products you highlight align with your values. You get paid if your followers purchase something from the brand through you, usually using a specific link or discount codes.

This nail artist is an affiliate marketer of a nail polish brand. When followers use her discount code, the creator makes money.

Live badges are a way to make money through the app. To show their support, viewers can purchase the badges ($0.99 to $4.99) during a live video.

To enable Live Badges, go into your Profile and tap Pro Dashboard. Next, enable monetization. After you have been approved, you will see a button called Set up Badges. You’re ready to go!


If Live Badges have been enabled, mention it when you go live. Remind your followers that they can also show their support by sending money. When someone buys a badge, express your gratitude. It is a great way to show appreciation and encourage others to help.

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This post is on Instagram
Trixie Mattel (@trixiemattel), shared this post

5. Use a link tree in your Instagram bio to maximize that link.

Here are some quick examples.

  • Foodies who post photos of the food they have made and also have a blog that contains full recipes.
  • YouTubers who post highlights from their vlogs on Reels then link to their Youtube channel for full video
  • Fashion influencers who post photos of their outfits on Instagram and link back to their website. They also share where the clothes were purchased.
  • Outdoor adventurers who post stunning landscapes and link their blog, where they detail the best road trips.

@tiffy.cooks is a food blogger. She posts videos of herself making food on her blog and links to detailed recipes in her bio. Her blog hosts the recipes and also contains affiliate links.

This post was shared by Tiffy cooks easy recipes (@tiffy.cooks).

6. @theqazman provides quick tips on Instagram and also hosts ticketed masterclasses. His content is still accessible to a broad audience (non-paying), but people who are serious about learning the ropes can pay him for a full lesson.

This post is on Instagram. A post shared by Qazi @theqazman

You can also offer tutorials and masterclasses free of charge to your followers, and ask them to tip you if they have enough. That’s the method @iamlshauntay uses. Her bio link directs her followers to the ways she can be paid for her work, if they are able. This is a great technique to use if your goal is maximum accessibility. There’s no financial barrier to your content but there’s still a clear path for your audience to pay you.

This post is on Instagram. Latoya Shauntay-Snell (@iamlshauntay).

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