It’s not a secret that people loveshort video — TikTok’s rapid rise to fame and the popularity and success of Instagram Reels both prove that short clips are captivating andeffective. What about Facebook Reels?

Facebook’s short-form video app is a little behind the others, but don’t let this stop you from using these Reels. Facebook Reels are an important tool in any content creator’s marketing plan. You can even reuse content you have already created.

This blog post will cover everything you need to know regarding Facebook Reels, including how you can create and share your short video content.

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What are Reels on Facebook?

Facebook Reels are short videos under 30 seconds that can be enhanced with audio clips, music, and effects. They are often used by marketers, content creators, and influencers.

Facebook is a little late in the game when it involves vertical video content. Reels were first launched in the US in September 2021, and worldwide in 2022. (Instagram Reels debut was in 2020 and TikTok first appeared in 2016.

Although they are a little later than the other apps, Facebook Reels are now accessible in over 150 countries so content creators around the world can enjoy them.

Videos uploaded to Facebook Reels appear in a vertically scrolling stream and can be found under your Feed, Groups and Menu.

Facebook Reels vs. Instagram Reels

Facebook and Instagram Reels can be linked across both apps. This makes sense as they are both owned by Meta. If you try to comment on an Instagram Reel via Facebook, you will be bounced from one platform to the next.

The main difference is that Facebook Reels will show up on people’s feeds regardless of whether they follow you. This allows you to connect with people beyond your immediate family.

Where are Facebook Reels displayed?

Facebook wants you to see Reels so they made it easy for videos to appear almost anywhere on the platform. Here’s how you can find Reels on Facebook.

Reels on your Feed

Reels are located at the top of your page to the right side of your Stories. Reels will also appear as you scroll through your Feed.

Reels in Facebook Groups

Reels will appear in the top right vertical menu of Facebook Groups.

Reels from your menu

Navigate to the hamburger menu from your homepage to find your menu. It’s located in the top right corner for Android users. iPhone users will find the menu at bottom of the app.

Reels are located at the top of the menu.

How to Make a Reel on Facebook in 5 Steps

Do you feel a chill running down your spine at the thought of creating short videos? Relax! You don’t need to be stressed about making your first Facebook reel. We’ve made it easy by showing you exactly how to do this in just 5 steps.

We’ll cover everything, from editing and publishing to adding pre-recorded videos into Facebook Reels.

Step 1. Step 1.

This will take you to a gallery from your phone’s camera roll. You can upload prerecorded videos and photos to Facebook Reels. You can also create your reel on the fly.

Step 2. Step 2.

Effects like the green screen can be used if you record your video yourself. You can upload your own photo to use as the background for the green screen.

You can also add music to the project, speed it up or decrease, add effects such as filters, and use the handy timer to create hands-free. Your green screen will disappear if you use a filter.

After you have recorded your video or uploaded a photo, it is time to add effects.

Step 3. Step 3. Add effects such as audio clips, text, stickers or music

Use the menu on your right-hand side to add audio clips, text, stickers, and music to your reel. This menu allows you to trim your video to the perfect length.

Text allows you to write directly on your video using the Text feature. However, it is important to use this feature sparingly. It is best to avoid too much text on your videos and photos.

If you click audio at the top of the page, you can add music or a voiceover.

If you wish to save your video to your phone, don’t forget Save

After you have edited and spliced your video to perfection, hit Next.

Step 4. Step 4.

The final step in creating a Facebook reel is to add a description, hashtags, and decide who gets to view your art.

The reel caption will display your description. Make sure to include relevant hashtags to expand your reach.

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You can choose the audience that you would like to see your reel. For creators over 18, Facebook defaults to “Public”. We recommend leaving Public if you want your content to reach the maximum number of people.

Step 5. Step 5.

Hit Share reel near the bottom of your screen, and you’re done!

Your reel is now visible to all your Facebook friends. You may also be discovered by new viewers.

How does the Facebook Reels algorithm function?

Facebook announced that the algorithm’s goal is to help users “discover new content” and connect with stories they care about most. They also stated that Reels is the best way for creators get discovered.

Facebook Reels were created to help users discover new things. This could be you as a brand, creator, or something that you want to share with the world. Reel content can be used to educate, discover new information, or tell your story.

Make content that people find interesting and entertaining. Facebook’s bread-and-butter is user engagement, so it makes sense for the algorithm to reward engagement.

If you serve the algorithm well, the algorithm will also serve you.

Facebook Reels best practices

We all know how important it is to follow best practices and create content that people love to watch. If your Reels go sour, you could be in the Reels Play bonus program.

Reels Play was created by Facebook to reward content creators who have videos that receive over 1,000 views in a matter of days. This program will pay creators for these reel view on Instagram and Facebook.

Reels Play is only available to invited people. The selected few will be notified directly in their professional dashboard on the Instagram app.

These are the best ways to keep your reels strong.

Keep an eye out for what’s working

You can track the results of your content to help you focus your efforts on the pieces that resonate. You can either use the Facebook analytics dashboard from within the app, or upgrade to more detailed analytics such as Hootsuite.

If your account is new, you won’t have enough data to determine what’s working and what’s not. If you have had success on Instagram and TikTok, you can use that data to show you what went well. You can then experiment with the apps that worked best for you.

Repurpose your TikTok videos

You can save time by repurposing content. Select the best TikTok content you like and post it to your Facebook Reels.

Instagram has made it clear that watermarks will make content less discoverable.

You can remove the annoying watermark TikTok adds.

Connect your Instagram Reels

You might want to use both if you are using one. To easily share your Instagram Reels to Facebook, toggle the option when you post. You can also set it to automatically share content when you publish it.

There has been much debate over whether or not you shouldshare your content between the two apps. Stacey McLachlan, a Hootsuite writer, did some research into whether Instagram content should be shared to Facebook Reels. It won’t hurt.

Post quality content

A blurry or shaky video will make someone skip your video more quickly than a blurry view. Make sure you only post quality content to your Facebook Reels.

Your brand is represented in your content. People will assume that your brand is professional and polished if you post high-quality content. Your audience will also be more likely to engage with you.

Users are more likely share high-quality videos with their friends, which can help increase brand awareness and reach.

Only vertical videos

Facebook Reels can be used for vertical video, just like Instagram Reels and TikTok. Don’t forget to keep your phone facing the camera when you’re recording.

Facebook rewards content that follows its best practices.

Use music

Music in your reels can add energy and excitement to your videos, making them more engaging and entertaining.

Music can set the tone for your video and help viewers remember what you are saying. You can even track the most popular sounds and join in on a conversation.

Use good lighting

Good lighting is crucial when shooting social media videos. It makes the video look polished and professional. Low light can make the image grainy and difficult for viewers to see. This can distract viewers and make it more likely they’ll scroll past your content.

Lighting is also important to set the mood for a video. A video can feel more intimate if it has softer lighting, while brighter lighting can create a more energetic feeling.

Be experimental

Let’s face it, your first video is unlikely to go viral. Facebook Reels are not a one-size-fits all approach. So, use it as an opportunity to find a style that is authentic to your brand.

Engaging your audience can also be made easier by trying new things. Experimenting with new content will keep your content fresh and give your audience a reason for coming back.

You might find a breakthrough in your content-creation process by trying new things. You might find a theme or style that resonates with your audience.

Include a caption

A caption sets the tone and scene for a video. This is your chance to influence how people view your content. Captions can be used to give your content personality, make a joke, or convey a personal message.

Captions can provide context that is otherwise lost, such as the location of an event or who is in the video. Captions can also be used to highlight key points from a video and make it easier for viewers to recall them.

Be deliberate

Your audience will see your brand through the content you post. It is important to plan and create videos with care.

Consider the message you want, the tone you want, and the audience.

Keep up with the latest trends

Trends change quickly on social media. Posting something even a week late could make your brand seem out of touch.

It is important to keep up with current trends. Look at the most popular reels in your industry to help you create similar content.

This should be obvious, but it also means you need to see other reels before you create one. Understanding the landscape will help you to find the right niche for your brand.

Collaborate with like-minded individuals

To collaborate with, find an industry influencer or someone you trust. They will have a different following from you and can help you promote your products or services.

Use transitions

People are visual learners. This is why Facebook reels that include transitions are so useful. A reel with transitions communicates a before-and after transformation, making it easy to explain the value of your product.

Trimming the video and using the align tool is the key. This will ensure that the transition is seamless and smooth.

Stop trying to go viral

Facebook Reels isn’t about going viral. In fact, trying to make your content viral is often a recipe of disaster. It can make your content appear too difficult.

A reel that speaks to your target audience will be more successful in establishing meaningful connections than one that attempts to replicate viral video status. It’s better to make quality content that resonates with your target audience than trying to get as many views.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Reels

How long can Facebook Reels last?

Facebook Reels should not be longer than 3 seconds in length and no more than 30 seconds in duration. Although it may not seem like a lot of time, we promise you that you can accomplish a lot within 30 seconds.

How can you share Instagram Reels on Facebook?

It’s easy to share Instagram Reels on Facebook. It’s almost as if the apps want you cross-promote between them.

Start recording a reel in your Instagram app. Once the reel is recorded, tap on Share to Facebook. You can choose which Facebook account to share it to.

Next, choose whether you want to share future reels to Facebook. Click the Share button and you are good to go!

How do you search Reels on Facebook

There is no search bar specifically for Reels. However, there is an easy way to search for Reels on Facebook.

Simply visit Facebook’s search bar and type the keyword you are looking for. Then, add the word reels. This will display a vertical scroll of Discover Reels across the top portion of your page.

What are overlay ads?

Overlay ads allow Creators to monetize Facebook Reels.

They look a lot like the name implies: ads overlayed on top of your video. They are also very non-invasive. They are quite discreet and have a transparent background.

Source: Facebook

You make money when people interact with your reel.

To sign up to overlay ads, all you need is to be a part of the existing instream ads program for Facebook. You’re automatically eligible to see ads in reels if you are a part of the existing in-stream ads program for Facebook video. You can always opt out in your Creator Studio.

How do you disable Reels on Facebook

Unfortunately, Reels cannot be removed or disabled from your Facebook feed.

You can still use Facebook on your desktop even though it hasn’t yet integrated Reels. You can also delete the app from your phone and install an older version.

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