Have you seen the TikTok photo editing hacks?

The one that all the influencers use?

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users and is quickly becoming a household name for its innovative and creative content.

TikTok users are trying out a new photo editing tool that gives photos a golden hour, sun-kissed look.

We’re talking about the TikTok iPhone editing hack. Learn how to use this hack to transform your social media content into something beautiful.

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What’s the TikTok photo editing hack called?

TikTok iPhone photo editing trick involves turning up the brightness and contrast, then doing your editing and then turning them down.

The final result is a warm, sunny golden hour photo that looks professional.

This edit is ideal for travel photos and food photos. It also works well for portraits. This TikTok photo hack will give your skin a post-vacation glow or make your landscape photos look like they were shot in Provence.

This new trend has been a hit with TikTok users, and videos showing it have received millions of views. Creators screen-record themselves using the photo editor hack, and then end with a big surprise after they have turned down their brightness and contrast.

This trend was originally shared initially by @anaugazz, a TikTok user who has amassed more than 19.7 millions views from the viral editing trick.

@anaugazz Try it Now! #SkipTheRinse #foryoupage Editing #Photo #filter #photohack #xyzbca Fyp #newtrend Musttry #Inspo #fypshi Original Sound – poussy Fire – exxuryee

User @hannah_ludwig also has a TikTok account. She followed up with her edit, which racked up 8.9 million more views.

@hannah_ludwig I am obsessed with editing like this #photoedit#editinghack #fyp#iphonehack #iphoneedit Original sound – poussyfire – exxuryee

With 7.9 million views, @naknbdd takes third place.

@naknbdd iPhone Editing Hack #fyp#love #dog Original Sound – Nak

TikTok photo editing hack: 5 steps

TikTok’s photo editing hack is simple. You only need an iPhone, and five minutes of your time.

How to make the viral iPhone TikTok editing hack

1. Go to your iPhone camera roll (a.k.a. the photos app) and select the image you wish to edit . Next, click Edit at the top right.

2. Scroll to the right and select Exposure. Next, set Exposure at 100.

3. Move to Brilliance, and set it to 100.

4. Move down the list, and set Highlights at -35. Then edit all settings as follows:

  • Set Shadows to -28
  • Set Contrast with -30
  • Set Brightness to -15
  • Set Black Point to 10
  • Set Saturation 10
  • Set Vibrancy to 8.
  • Set Warmth 10
  • Set to Tintto 39
  • Set Sharpness to 14
  • Set Vignette to

5. Now, go back to Exposure and set both and to 0 . Next, display your final image.

We hope you enjoyed this TikTok photo editing hack. You never know, you might be the next viral sensation using a TikTok editing trick of your own!

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