Sometimes a single photo is not enough to capture a moment in your Instagram Story. You need to learn how to add multiple photos into an Instagram Story.

This is where photo collages for Instagram Stories come into play.

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These are the three main ways to add multiple images to an Instagram Story (a.k.a. make a collage).

Multiple photos can be combined to create an Instagram Story moment that delivers maximum visual information.

This is true for fashion brands as well as dog owners/managers who want to share the best memories of Mr. Chonk’s bark mitzvah.

Instagram Story photo collages are a great way to showcase your business and industry. There are three ways you can make it happen.

  1. using the layout in Instagram Story Create Mode
  2. Layering photos using Instagram Story Create mode
  3. Uploading a custom collage that you have created with a third party app or photo-editing program

Because we’re kind like that, we’ll walk through each of them. (Maybe that’s something you keep in mind as you make the guest list for Mr. Chonk’s next major event?

Easy way to create a collage in an Instagram Story

We assume you are looking for the answer to “how do I make a collage in Instagram Stories” because you don’t know that Instagram has an in-platform way to do this.

We don’t blame anyone for not seeing this feature, it’s just weirdly hidden away.

Here’s how you can find it and use it for multiple photos in one full-screen Story design.

1. Open the Instagram app, and tap on the + icon near the top of your screen. Select Story.

2. This will open your camera roll. Don’t let all the beautiful photos distract you! To activate create mode, first tap on the camera icon .

3. You’ll find a list icons on the left-hand side. Select the third icon from the top. It’s a square with lines. This icon is called Layout.

4. Clicking the Layout icon will display a quadrant of layout. You can fill each section with a new photo or something from your camera collection.

Option 1: Take photos! To take a photo, tap the photo-capture button (the white circle at the center of your screen).

Once you have taken a photo, it will fill the top left corner. Continue taking three more photos.

To delete an image or take a new picture, tap on the photo then tap on the delete icon.

Option 2 – Select from your camera rolls. Tap on the square cameraroll-preview icon in the lower left corner to access your camera rolls.

Tap on the photo you want to be in top left corner. Continue until you have four photos.

To deletesomething or take a new picture, tap the photo then tap the delete icon.

5. Are you happy with your collage? Click the checkmark to confirm, then add stickers, text, and effects. You can also go to step 6 if you’d like to create a new layout.

6. To change the layout, go to Layout mode. Tap the rectangular grid icon below the Layout Mode icon. This will open a menu that allows you to choose another style of grid. Tap the style you prefer, then fill each segment with either a photo capture, or an image from your camera rolls, as described above.

7. Click the checkmark to approve your design. Next, add stickers, text or effects.

8. Tap Share with your favorite audience to share your masterpiece!

Layering method

Are you feeling restricted by Instagram’s layout grids This alternative method allows you to be a rebel.

Images can be magnified, shaved, tilted, flipped, or placed in an overlaid configuration. You can freestyle!

1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the + icon near the top of your screen. Select Story.

2. This will open your camera roll. Don’t let all the beautiful photos distract you! To activate create mode, first tap on the camera icon .

3. Tap on the sticker icon located at the top (the square with a smiling face). Scroll down through the stickers to and locate the Camera Roll sticker. It’ll show a circle with your latest photo with a logo featuring a mountain and the sun. (We are sorry if that sounds confusing, but we don’t know how to explain it better. This photo will hopefully help you understand.

4. Select a photo to add it to your story. Drag it around the screen or use your fingers and thumbs to adjust the size and tilt. To add another photo, tap again on the sticker icon.

Continue this process until all of your photos are displayed. You can move them around and make any adjustments you like.

5. To change the background color , hover over the colored circle at. You can also add text and stickers to the background if you wish!

You can also change your images’ shape by tapping them – for example, circles might tickle your fancy.

6. Ready to publish? Tap on the arrow icon for sharing settings. Select your audience, then tap Share.

The most customizable way to create a collage in an Instagram Story

If you are having trouble creating your collage in the Instagram Story creator mode, there are many apps that can help you create the multi-image graphic you desire.

1. You can download the Instagram collage app you like and create a graphic with your photos, cool templates, or other design details. You can also download one of our 72 free Instagram Story templates and open it in Photoshop to make it yours.

In this example, we will use Unfold.

2. If you’re using an application, export the image to your camera roll. (Using the Photoshop method?) Send the final file to your smartphone… Make sure to save it as either a.jpg oder.png!

3. Make an Instagram Story, select the collage image from your camera roll, and then post it. If you need more detailed instructions, see below!

How to upload your collage to your Instagram Story

You’ve got a collage on your phone and you’re ready for the world to see it. You just need to upload it to your Instagram Story as you would any other photo.

Do you need a refresher? You don’t need to be a complete beginner. This is how to use Instagram Story create mode to post images from your camera roll.

1. Open the Instagram app, and tap on the + icon near the top of your screen. Select Story. This will open the camera roll. To upload your collage, tap this button.

2. You can add any text, stickers, and effects you like. After you’re done , hit the arrow at the bottom right corner.

3. Select where you want to share your Instagram Story (to your private story, to your Close Friends List or as a private message). Tap Share when you’re ready for publication.

You’re now an expert at creating stunning collages for your Instagram Story. Perhaps this is a great opportunity to learn more about how to use your Instagram Stories for business.

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