Celebrities are just like us! Except that they have millions of Instagram followers who worship what they walk on, of course.

While we may not all be famous, we can all use the Instagram strategies celebrities (and their personal marketing team, let’s just be real) use in order to promote ourselves, sell products and share messages that are important to them. These celebs are as popular on social media as they are in real-life, whether they are creating the perfect photo dump or killing it on IG Reels.

Here are 9 strategies of the famous, wealthy, and insanely influential.

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The pivot from photos to video is the fastest-growing feature. It can be extremely lucrative for businesses (91% of users view reels at least once per week).

Reels is a great way to market your products on Instagram, especially if you are using it for business.

Lizzo has mastered Instagram Reels. She has a mix of funny, hot and career-related videos that are engaging and engaging. Lizzo posts Reels of her shopping trip at Target, and makes fun of anyone who thinks About Damn Time isn’t the song for the summer. She also uses Reels to promote Yitty, her brand of shapewear.

Lizzo uses Instagram to advertise a sale and model the latest Yitty collection in this Reel.

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Lizzo (@lizzobeeating), shared this post

Although Lizzo’s Yitty-focused Reels have a marketing purpose but aren’t strictly business, there’s always a fun and sometimes sexy angle that is very true to Lizzo.

Another important aspect of Lizzo’s Instagram account is its empowerment. This celeb radiates confidence despite having many haters (sometimes the internet sucks). Although she is subject to body-shaming comments, they don’t stop Lizzo from sharing her content and encouraging others to do so.

She shares new projects she is involved in and promotes brand partnerships, just as any celebrity. She also advocates for social causes she and her audience are passionate about, such as racism in the U.S. or the importance of voting.

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Instagram Live is unfiltered, uneditable, and has a vulnerability that makes it a meaningful medium to communicate. Going live is a statement and sharing content over IG Live that isn’t purely promotional has an impact beyond gaining followers or making money.

One of Instagram’s newest trends is the photo dump. This type of post is all about the imperfections. The photo dump is the enemy to the perfectly curated, filtered and perfect post. Photo dumps are simply a collection photos posted as a carousel. Sometimes they are from a specific event, but other times they are just a bunch that the poster likes.

Gen Z is responsible for the popularity and success of the photo dump. Gen Z does it well. Take Olivia Rodrigo, a teenage pop star.

This post is on Instagram. It was shared by Olivia Rodrigo (@oliviarodrigo).

Olivia’s photo dumps include photos of food, blurry selfies, memes, and heavily filtered photobooth snaps taken with friends. They don’t seem like something she spends a lot time curating (even though she might).

This post is on Instagram. It was shared by Olivia Rodrigo (@oliviarodrigo).

Her photo dumps look more like a collection of random photos from her camera roll than an aesthetically pleasing post. Although photo dumps may not seem to be a good marketing tool, we wrote a whole post about it.

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This is an example of a simple trend. Editing and filming this type of video is easy. Some trends are more labor intensive, such as digging through tons of old photos.

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The best quality a social media manager can possess is being a master of all trades. You don’t want only to excel in one area. You want to make Instagram work to its full potential. Simone Biles is a great example of this, doing a floor routine, balance beam, and vault.

Simone is also a master of Instagram. Simone is the GOAT when it comes to having a wide variety of exciting content.

The gymnast uses her platform for sharing personal posts…

This post is on Instagram. Simone Biles (@simonebiles), shared it.

…and to promote her new series on Snapchat

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…and to spread awareness about mental health and support foster children…

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… and, of course to share Olympic achievements.

Simone’s social media account is a great example of how to use social media smartly. She shares bits and pieces of her life, including promotional content and personal posts. It gives her followers a complete picture of her and her values.


Dojacat balances cover-worthy photos with the kind of photos most of us would ask our friends to delete. It’s part her branding that she isn’t an airbrushed superstar 24 hours a day.

This post is on Instagram. A post by Doja Cat (@dojacat).

And her humor isn’t just in the photos: her caption game is also strong (if not very workplace-appropriate).

Doja’s posts don’t always focus on the funny. Doja also has polished celebrity photos and always credits the team that put them together.

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Even though celebrities might not find their “behind the scenes” content entertaining, they can be used to promote all sorts of industries. You can see how amazing cakes decorating videos are or how cool it looks to see small business owners packing up boxes to ship. The same content is used, but the creators show a different side of their business.

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JLo uses proper camelcase for most of her hashtags, which is quite impressive. This is important for accessibility as it allows screen readers to see each capitalized word in a hashtag separately.

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Jennifer Lopez (@jlo), shared this post.

Instagram Shops allow companies to include product links in their posts. This makes it ridiculously easy — and dangerously — to buy things. While it’s rare for celebs to have Insta Shops as part of their personal accounts, they do use shop links on the brand accounts.

This post is on Instagram. It was shared by Caliwater (@caliwater).

Vanessa Hudgens is one example. She is a co-founder and frequent contributor to Caliwater’s Instagram account. She will tag @caliwater when she posts in collaboration with Caliwater. This means that the post will appear on the feeds for anyone who follows either account.

Source: Instagram

The Caliwater page also has many shop links. These are indicated by the little handbag icon at the top right corner. This takes users to an ecommerce portal.

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