Marketers love first-party data more than anything else. You can get feedback directly from customers on Instagram, which is one of the best places. After you ask for feedback, you will have to deal with 400 DMs in your inbox.

Enter: Instagram question stickers.

Stories’ questions sticker collects and organizes answers, and allows you turn real feedback into valuable public content.

Here are 14 creative ideas to help you get inspired by the Instagram questions sticker.

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What is the Instagram question sticker called?

The Instagram question sticker can be used to insert interactive forms into your Instagram Story. It can be customized to answer any question you wish to ask your followers. To send a message or answer to you, Instagram users can tap the sticker.

Instagram Story question stickers make it easy to engage your audience and start conversations. Instead of being stored with regular DMs, responses are saved together in the Story insights tab.

Public sharing of sticker responses can be done as new Stories. This is great for FAQs and Q&As.


7 steps to use the Instagram question stickers

1. Make an Instagram Story

Any type of Story can have a question sticker added, including videos and photo formats. You can create your Instagram Story the same way as normal by tapping the plus sign at top and selecting Story.

2. Add the question sticker

After creating your Story photo or video click the sticker icon at top. Next, tap Questions.

3. Type in your question

To replace the placeholder “Ask Me a Question” with your text, tap it. You can leave it as is if you wish your audience to pose questions.

img alt=”If you drink coffee daily, how many cups per day?” class=”alignnone wp-image-369558″ height=”976″ loading=”lazy” src=”” width=”450″/>

4. Place the sticker

The question sticker can be moved around your Story just like any other element. To shrink the sticker, pinch it inwardly with two fingers. To make it larger, pinch it outwardly with two fingers.

Pro tip Do not place it too close or at the bottom of the frame. People might forget to tap the sticker and instead scroll on to the next Story.

They might be able to go back and try again, but they may decide it’s not worth the effort and move on. Make it as simple as possible to use to maximize responses.

5. Share your story

That’s it!

6. Take a look at the responses

Check for any responses five seconds later. Kidding! Don’t obsess! Your Story will remain live for 24 hours. You can still view your question stickers after the Story expires. You don’t have to worry about missing any.

To see your replies, open Instagram and then tap on your profile photo to open your Story.

You can swipe through them until the one with your question stickers is found, or swipe up to scroll faster.

Swipe up to view responses sorted alphabetically from oldest to newest. Scroll down to see all responses.

7. Get responses

Tap on an answer to respond publicly with Share Response, or privately with message @username.

Publicly answering a question becomes part of your Story. It doesn’t matter if you have a video, photo, or text story to tell, you can make it your Story.

It will not include the submitter’s username and photo, but they will receive an in-app notification that your answer to their question was received.

Do you want to share more than one answer with us?

Take screenshots of all the answers that you want to share. Open the photo editor on your phone and crop each picture so that you only have the question sticker that you want.

Create a new Story and then add each cropped screenshot by tapping on the sticker icon and selecting the photo option.

This method has one drawback: no one will be notified that you have shared their response.

Replied will appear for messages and photos you’ve shared. This is useful if multiple people have access to your Instagram account.

8. Optional: You can check the responses after your Story expires

Your Story has been gone for over 24 hours. You don’t have to worry – you can still check your Archive for question sticker responses at any time, provided you have turned on the Story Archive feature under Settings.

Tap the 3-line menu in the top right. Next, go to Archive. Scroll down until you find your question sticker Story. Tap it and swipe up to view all the answers.

14 innovative Instagram question stickers ideas for brands

1. Run a Q&A

Yes, you can use the questionbox to ask questions of your audience.



Bonus Get a free checklist that shows the exact steps that a fitness influencer took to grow their Instagram following from 0 to 600,000.

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It’s easy to host a Q&A on Instagram with question stickers. You can add a question sticker to your Stories and then answer the questions publicly for everyone.


2. Shared values and connections are key

B Corporation is a company that values values. Their certification program is renowned for verifying the members’ environmental and social commitments.

They ask their audience to recommend people doing great work. This bridges the gap between corporate values and community.


3. Host a takeover

Takeovers on Instagram can increase your engagement and attract new eyes. A question sticker can be a great starting point for your guest to create content. Your audience will love the opportunity to interact with someone they admire.

It must make sense for your brand. Redbull was a regular sponsor of sports and knew that their audience would love this partnership with Olympic skier Eileen Gu.


4. Get feedback about a product/service

Sometimes customers might have a simple product question. However, do not need to be able to answer enough to justify contacting your customer support team. Or, a potential customer may be almost ready for purchase, but they still need to know one thing first.

These Instagram question stickers are a low-cost way to engage people. Glossier’s social media team sourced answers directly from skincare experts and executives, giving them credibility and transparency.


5. Don’t be silly

Social media should not be all about selling and little else. Have some fun every once in a while. Isn’t this what “social” is all about?

Ask your followers to tell you something that isn’t related to your products. You don’t want to collect data about your followers to tailor better ads for them, but for some good-natured conversation.

Bonus: Screenshot Your Story and share it as an article to spark more conversations on your main feed.

This post is on Instagram. It was shared by Pure Organic Snacks @pureorganicsnacks.

6. Create hype for a launch

In your Stories, tease a new product or store location and ask your audience to guess its name or when it will launch. To build social proof, you can announce the new product and ask people to share reasons why they are excited about it.

This can be a chance to clarify details about your launch such as opening hours, location, and any other details that people might have missed. These can be saved as a highlight during your launch.


7. Save your responses to a FAQ highlight

Create a FAQ highlight to save time answering DMs. Give your customers 24/7 access to the information they need by creating a FAQ highlight. You can add previous Stories from your Archive that answered a common question.


You can also post an Instagram Story every other month to ask your audience questions and add new ones to the FAQ.

The easiest way to make sure that happens is with Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows you to schedule your Instagram Stories ahead of time. Here’s how fast your Instagram content can be set up and forgotten:

8. Get to know your audience

People love to talk about themselves. If you give them the chance to talk about themselves, you’ll get more engagement metrics and potentially valuable marketing information.

Penguin knows that their audience is book lovers. It’s a topical question, but it could be used to discuss their upcoming releases or encourage readers to sign up for an email list.

This post was shared by Penguin Teen (@penguinteen).

9. Influencer marketing campaigns

Instagram influencer campaigns usually require a feed post or a reel and/or a story. Ask your influencer to include a question stick in their Story.

Your influencer partner can answer any questions. Your audience will trust you if they answer in their own voice.


10. Test the knowledge of your customers

You can turn key features of your product/service into a fun quiz. To create a series Instagram Stories that highlight key marketing messages, you can use both the question stickers (for quick multiple-choice taps) or the polling stickers.

It doesn’t matter if people are correct. To educate everyone, share correct answers and (nicely), acknowledge those that are incorrect. To maximize reach, save the quiz as a Story highlight. You can then automatically make that highlight a Reel. Boom.


11. Answer questions on Live video

Live video is a great way to reach your audience (30% of people view at least one stream per week) and convert them. Going live is the best way to show off your expertise.

You can use Instagram question stickers to collect questions before or during live events. It’s a great way to get valuable information in your livestream, by posting it ahead of time. It can be shared to your profile (and any other social accounts) to direct people towards your Stories to ask a question.

Live users can ask questions in regular chat, but it’s easy for them to lose track.

To see questions live, first post your question sticker Story and then go live. Scroll through the questions and select the ones you want to answer. You can download the video after the live and use it in your future social content or marketing materials.

This post is on Instagram. It was shared by @schoolofkicking

12. Get leads

Hosting a Q&A about you business or asking about your products is a great opportunity to direct people towards your lead magnet or landing pages.

You can encourage these responses by asking the most important questions like “What is your biggest business problem right now?” or “Do you struggle with [insert thing your product/service solves]?” Answer questions honestly and include a link to an event, opt-in or other entry to your sales funnel.

It’s old school, but it works.


13. Run a contest

Contests on Instagram are great for increasing engagement. Photo caption contests are very popular because they are easy to enter and you get more comments which can improve your metrics.

We’ve all seen posts such as this:

This post was shared by SteelyardCoffeeCo. (@steelyardcoffeeco)

This type of contest is even more effective with Instagram question stickers. All your entries will be in one location, and all the engagements will help your Stories appear sooner in the algorithm.

To collect caption entries, use a question sticker (except for asking for captions).


To get more entries, share your favorites and then share the winner.

14. Ask people what they want.

Sometimes simplicity is the best. Ask your audience what they want.

Use a question sticker to ask your friends what they think.


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