You’ve experienced the sweet, sweet thrill that comes with posting one photo to Instagram. You can now double, triple, and even quadruple your fun with multi-image Instagram collages!

Sometimes, one photo is not enough to capture the magic behind your new haircut, spring menu, or designer parrot caplets. A digital collage allows you to combine multiple images into a bold visual statement.

Stories Create mode allows you to create basic collages for Instagram Stories. You’ll need to look beyond the app to take your collages to a higher level (or create something for your main feed).

We have compiled a list of our top graphic design tools that will help you create professional-looking photo collages on Instagram. No scrapbooking required.

Bonus: 14 time-saving hacks for Instagram Power users. Find out the secrets Hootsuite uses to create top-notch content.

14 Instagram collage apps

A Design Kit

A Color Story, a photo-editing favourite, created its graphic design tool A Design Kit several years ago and it has since become a classic. It’s on almost every list of the top Instagram apps!

You can create design templates that allow you to experiment with texture, shapes and colors. Elements like stickers and font-nerd-approved Fonts add the finishing touch.


Squarespace’s app offers hundreds of templates that can be used to spice up your photos, videos, and texts. It also features stylized collage options.

Unfold offers fun effects and fonts that will make your post stand out. Professional-grade preset filter adds a unique feel to your images.


Over regularly updates their collection with striking new templates and graphic elements. This means that you will always have something to choose from when creating your Insta collage.

The program also includes photo-editing tools. You can layer, mask and tweak like a professional Photoshop user with no previous experience.


Mojo’s animation features offer more than a large selection of Instagram collage templates. They also allow you to combine your favorite photos with dynamic text and graphic elements.

You can adjust the timing and components to personalize pre-loaded designs.


Do you love a vintage vibe? Tezza could be the app for you. Templates draw inspiration from magazines of the ’90s, Y2K mood boards and dreamy vintage cinema.

Textural overlays such as dust and paper can give your collages depth and dimension. If you are looking for something more dynamic, create a video collage using special effects.


PicCollage may make the vibe a little more “Scrapbook mom”, but it is loved by over 200 million users. You can’t judge!

There are tons of grid options to combine multiple images quickly. However, themed templates can be used to make it easy to commemorate or celebrate auspicious occasions (Happy Halloween!). ).

Every week, new backgrounds and stickers are added so that you always have something to play with.

Pic Jointer

Although we aren’t convinced that “jointer” technically is a word, there are dozens of grid combinations (sorted alphabetically by ‘classics’ and’stylishes) at your disposal. Who cares about English language?

Grammar nerds, let the pictures speak for themselves! You can brand your collages with patterned or colored backgrounds.


For next-level collagery, download SCRL. The app allows you create seamless scrolling images for Instagram’s carousel function (a format that is actually privileged and favored by the Instagram algorithm, FYI!). It’s pretty impressive.

Layer your favorite camera-roll photos (or videos!) SCRL will combine the images into one large graphic.

Collage Maker *

There are many apps called “Collage Maker” out there. (Get that sweet, sweet SEO!) This is our favorite.

There are over 20,000 combinations to choose from for your photo collages. These grid options include all the formats you could want, as well as formats like cascading hearts or kissing faces. If you feel bold, include videos in your collage and add music.

Layout from Instagram

Official collage app from Insta. It’s annoying that you need to download an additional app to access the multi-photo design feature. But it’s what it is.

Mix your favorite photos into different grid combinations, then export to Instagram’s create mode.


StoryArt offers a variety of formatting and editing options. Chic typography and design details that are influencer-cool like faux-Polaroid frames make it easy to create trendy collages for your Stories, Reels, and main feed.


StoryChic has been downloaded over 10 million times and has a 4.4 star rating on the Android App Store — it’s safe to say that StoryChic’s a fan favorite.

There are more than 500 templates, tons of fonts, preset filters, and tons of fonts to inspire your creativity.


Storyluxe’s collage templates, which are many of them, are stylized to look just like old-fashioned film strips or prints. This could be the app to create all your future Instagram collages with if you like this look.

Storyluxe also offers specialty designer fonts. This allows you to stand out from the crowd by adding key text phrases.


PicMonkey is an online photo editor that allows you to create graphic designs from your desktop.

Although it’s owned and maintained by Shutterstock, you can upload your images (even those from free stock photo sites!) You can save on premium charges by using their Instacollage templates.

These designs are especially useful if you want to combine images and text.

How to create a collage on Instagram

Bonus: 14 time-saving hacks for Instagram Power users. Find out the secrets Hootsuite uses to create top-notch content.

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Tragic news: At this time, you can’t create a collage for your Instagram main stream directly within the app. (Why are the Insta gods so cruel?

You can create a basic collage using Instagram’s Story Create mode.

1. Open Instagram and tap the + icon near the top of your screen. Select Story.

2. This will open your camera roll. Click on the camera icon to access Create mode.

3. You’ll see a list icons on the left-hand side. Tap the 3rd icon: a square with lines. This is the Layout icon.

4. Clicking the Layout icon will display a quadrant of layout. You can fill each section with a new photo or something from your camera rolls.

a. Option 1 – Take a picture! To take a photo , simply tap on the photo-capture button located in the middle of the btoom. After you have taken a photo, the top left corner of your shot will be filled with your pic. Continue taking three more photos. To delete an image and take a new photo, tap on the photo and then tap on the delete icon.

b. Option 2 : Choose from your camera roll. Tap on the square camera-roll preview icon in the lower left corner of your screen. This will open your camera roll. Click the photo that you want to be in top left corner. Continue until you have four photos. To delete an image and take a new photo, tap on the photo and then tap on the delete icon

5. You can change the layout by entering Layout mode. Tap the rectangular grid icon below the Layoutmode icon. This will open a menu that allows you to choose another style of grid. Select the preferred style and fill each segment with either a photo or an image from your camera rolls, as described above.

6. Are you happy with your Insta collage? Click the checkmark for confirmation and move on add stickers or text.

When you’re ready, tap the arrow at the bottom right corner

We know you are eager to create the Instagram collages you desire. But, if you’re already on a creative roll, we suggest you refresh your knowledge on how to schedule Instagram posts ahead of time. Make those collages, then upload them to the Hootsuite dashboard. Then, just relax and wait for the praises to start coming in.

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