Twitter announced that they have launched three new and improved measurement options for all advertisers worldwide.

Improved Twitter Pixel

The new Twitter pixel offers additional functionality, such as the ability to measure more actions such as add-to cart.

Twitter has simplified the setup, troubleshooting and event creation process. They have also updated their Pixel Helper Chrome extension in order to assist advertisers in better understanding the impact of their campaigns, and to provide support when checking if the pixels are properly installed.

Conversion API

Advertisers can connect to the Conversion API (CAPI), and send conversion events directly to Twitter using their own cookies.

You can also use CAPI to optimize and improve ad targeting without the need for a pixel. Multiple data signals, including Twitter Click ID and email address, can be used to send conversion messages to the API endpoint. This will help advertisers understand how users are moving as a result.

App Purchase Optimization

App Purchase Optimization allows advertisers to target people most likely install an app or to make a purchase. Machine learning is used to identify the most likely audiences to take action. 89% of advertisers experienced a decrease in the cost-per-purchase during early testing.

App Purchase Optimization is now available for Android. An iOS version will be launched in the future.

Upcoming Launches. Twitter also announced some more launches in the near future. These include:

  • Collection Ads Brands may display a primary image and smaller thumbnail visuals below. Images can be used as a way to drive customers to other websites or product pages.
  • Web Conversion Optimization – This helps improve the algorithm’s reach to people most likely to convert via a lower funnel website action such as adding to cart or purchasing.
  • Dynamic Product Ads A new product that delivers relevant products to the right person at a time. It is based on Twitter activity.

Why do we care? These updates should improve audience and conversion measurement, giving advertisers a better understanding of how their advertising is performing. You can find more information about the new updates for Twitter to promote your products or services.

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