TikTok just announced Photo Mode and seven new editing tools. Let’s take another look.

What’s new. These seven new editing tools are now available in the US, and most other regions worldwide. These tools allow creators adjust their clips directly in the TikTok platform.

  • Edit clips Stack, trim, and divide video clips
  • Edit sounds: Cut and trim sounds, and set their duration
  • Edit and place text:More simplyedit, position, or set the text’s duration
  • Add overlays : Add photo or video overlays to picture-in, or video-in, stacking
  • Video speed adjustment: Speed up or slow down video clips
  • Frame content – Rotate or zoom in/out of individual clips
  • Add sound effects. Add musical soundtracks for videos and photo carousels

Photo Mode. The carousel format displays your still images one after the other. You can also add a music soundtrack. Your carousel posts allow viewers to swipe at their own speed.

Extended character descriptions. Last Month, we announced that TikTok would now allow longer descriptions up to 2,000 characters. These descriptions are now available for both Video and Photo Mode content. This allows creators to add more information to their content and SEO optimization.

Dig deeper. Read the TikTok announcement here.

Why do we care? Some creators and influencers were upset by the Meta platform’s plans to double down in Reels. It’s not surprising that TikTok is trying to win over the competition by offering longer descriptions and a Photo Mode that looks familiar.

Users and creators may soon have to decide which platform they want to use. The two platforms are almost identical. Marketers and brands need to take advantage of both platforms’ new features and tools.

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