Microsoft just announced nine (9!) new updates. Microsoft has just posted nine (9!) new updates to their blog. Updates include new Automotive Ads and vertical-based ads. Let’s get started.

Automotive ads

The Automotive Ads are a new format that is specific to the auto industry. The new ad format will include a photo of the vehicle, year, make and model, condition, dealer website, pricing, and a brief description. The ads will be distributed to advertisers in Latin America and Asia Pacific after a North American and Europe-wide test.

Learn more about Automotive Ads, and how to set them-up here.

Vertical-based ads

Vertical ads are created using dynamic feeds. They appear in different formats depending upon what the user is looking for. The ads are created using intent data. Microsoft AI uses the data feed for the necessary information to display in an ad. Microsoft claims the new format of ad formats will reduce the time and resources needed to set up and manage campaigns.

Learn more about Automotive Ads, and how to set them-up here.

Updates to the Audience Network

Market expansions

The Microsoft Audience Network connects advertisers with MSN, Outlook and Microsoft Edge publishers. Microsoft has expanded to 64 markets and will add more later in the year.

New ad formats

Dynamic Remarketing will now be available in other verticals than retail. Dynamic remarketing can now be used for auto, travel, and event ads. Advertisers will now have two options for Dynamic remarketing once the dynamic feed has been set up.

  1. Standard Universal Event Tracking (UET) You can send ads to users who have visited your website using the UET tag. If the product ID is present, the tag won’t need to be updated. If the URL contains the product ID, Microsoft will be able to tell if a visitor visited the website.
  2. UET with additional parameters. Advertisers will have access to more people if they update their UET tag. These parameters will allow you to:
  • General visitors
  • Product searchers
  • Product viewers
  • Cart abandoners
  • Buyers from the past

Additional bidding solutions

There are three options for bidding video ads.

A pilot program for automated bidding was also launched. To maximize conversions on audience campaigns, you can use Enhanced CPC. Microsoft claims that there will soon be more automated bidding solutions.

Integrations of customer data platforms for Customer Match

Microsoft announced last month that they would expand Customer Match to new markets. Today, they announced that you can connect your Customer Data Platform to Microsoft Advertising to import customer lists. Ampertiy, Adobe Ad Cloud For Search are the current integrations. Soon, more integrations will become available.

Expanding audience in new markets

In-market Audiences now available in:

Latin America: Aruba, Bahamas, Bolivia, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Montserrat, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uruguay.

Asia Pacific: Bangladesh Brunei, Fiji and French Polynesia.

Similar Audiences now available in more markets

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hong Kong, Iceland. Japan, Montenegro. North Macedonia. Serbia. South Africa. Taiwan.

Smart Campaigns expands to new markets

Microsoft is currently piloting new markets in France and Germany, Ireland, Italy. The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, and The Netherlands.

Updates on reporting experience

Advertisers will now have access to all reports via a drop-down menu. These reports are available on the updated landing page grid. You can filter the grid to quickly find the reports you need.

Reminder from RSA

Microsoft also reminded users that August is the last month for you to migrate your Expanded Text Ads to Responsive search Ads. RSAs will become the only type of search ad that can be edited or created in standard search campaigns starting on August 29. Existing Expanded Text Ads are still available, but they won’t be editable or added to standard search campaigns.

You can find the complete announcement from Microsoft here, including all updates.

Why do we care? Microsoft continues releasing new products and updates, giving Google a tough time. These new features, which Microsoft and their partner networks reach approximately 724 million users per month, could be a boon for advertisers looking to expand their impression shares or find alternatives to Google.

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