Google’s top content bidding service will cease to be available starting in October.

Lawrence Chasse noticed the change first and posted it on Twitter.

What are top content bidding? Advertisers can set top content bids to adjust for content that Google considers to be popular, get more impressions per day, and have higher viewer engagement and traffic.

What Google says. None. Google has not officially announced the change, other than to remove the information from their documentation. We reached out to Google to get their comment.

The section for top content claims is not available in the bid adjustments help document. Advertisers may be notified in their accounts that all top content bid adjustments will default to 0% starting October.

Why do we care? Advertisers using top content bid adjustments might still be able use them until October, but they should plan for their disappearance. Google could be trying to automate and manage ad campaigns or could be phasing out a feature that has not worked as well. You should monitor your bid adjustments to ensure any changes are made.

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