Google is testing two new labels for search results:

  • Quick Read
  • 5 Min. Read.

This is how it looks. These labels were shared via Twitter. These are screenshots of both types, via @Ozaemotion & @lilyraynyc

Short content is helpful content. These concepts have been around for almost a decade. Both concepts were based on the principle that “length is strength.”

SEO correlation studies supported the idea, as Page 1 of Google contains articles with 1,000+ words.

Word count is not a ranking indicator. Searchers are tired of clicking on articles that cover the entire history of a topic before they find the answer to their question in a blog post of over 2,000 words.

Axios has created a news strategy that is based on smart brevity.

Does this mean that all long-form content is bad for us? No. In some industries, longer content can be acceptable, necessary, and good.

It is not necessary to revisit your content strategy at the moment. You don’t need to edit or break down any stories that have a reading time of less than 5 minutes.

Why we matter. Google’s SERPs changes can have a significant impact on which sites get clicks or traffic. This makes this test a must-see. This test could have a significant impact on recipe searches, which are notoriously dense. It makes sense where you would expect a concise answer or definition, rather than a novella filled with anecdotes.

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