Google just announced an update for their Invalid Traffic website.

What is invalid traffic? It refers to any activity that does not originate from a genuine user with genuine interest. It can be accidental clicks due to intrusive advertising implementations, fraudulent clicking from competing advertisers, and advertising botnets.

What Google says. Aurora Morales, a member of Google Policy Transparency, announced the site redesign on Twitter.

Invalid traffic examples. Google updated their list with 12 examples of invalid traffic, but it does not include all the possible cases.

  • Accidental clicks
  • Ad hiding
  • Ad stacking
  • Clickjacking
  • Pop-under Ad

Why we care. Invalid traffic can affect Google AdSense, Ads Manager and mobile apps. Advertisers who see increased clicks, lower CTR or suspect their ads are being clicked on by bots or other competitors could see their ad spending decrease. Google is working to stop fraud and reduce costs for account holders.

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