According to a Google Ads help article, a few powerful targeting features will be removed by early 2023.

The help article “Optimize your Video Campaign for More Conversions” has a section on content targeting that suggests avoiding content targeting by keywords, topics, or placements in campaigns.

The article also mentions that all content targeting settings that are currently in place will be removed from video campaigns that drive conversions in the early 2023.

Targeting is a major problem. Many advertisers love these content targeting options because of the level of detail they offer. Placements can target YouTube Channels, specific videos or video lineups, URLs and Apps, as well as collections.

Advertisers can match ads to videos/channels to deliver more targeted messages to their audiences using the current targeting. This will effectively end hyper-targeting, which made YouTube so attractive for advertisers.

Another blow is the loss keyword targeting on the self-proclaimed 2nd largest global search engine. The loss of query targeting on a video search engine is a serious blow.

Although keywords on YouTube aren’t as powerful as traditional searches, they have been a way for advertisers and marketers to answer queries through their video content. Advertisers will need to be more creative to reach their target audience.

What happens to an existing campaign? Advertisers who use keywords, topics, or placements in their YouTube content targeting campaigns will see their targeting removed. The article states:

“All existing content targeting settings will automatically be removed from video campaigns that drive sales conversions.”

We’ve reached out to Google for more clarification on this, but if you are running placement/keyword/topic targeting, this could wreak havoc on your campaigns. Keep an eye out for the transition date, as you don’t want all your targeted removed from your accounts.

Why do we care. YouTube ads have had a great benefit in targeting, which many of them will be removed by the end of next year. Performance marketers will no longer be able to fine-tune ads for videos or channels, nor can they use keywords on the second largest search engine. These are not privacy or PII issues. They are a fundamental shift away from content targeting options on a network.

If you run ads that use content targeting options, it is important to keep an eye on updates. These targeting settings will be removed from your campaigns. You’ll reach a wider audience and spend more on qualified users if you target less.

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