Google has announced that it has added a new attribute for Google Business Profiles to help Asian-owned businesses. This attribute can be added in your verified Google Business Profile. It makes it easier for Asian-owned businesses to be found in their local community.

This is what the attribute looks like. This is how the new Asian-owned attribute looks in a Google Maps or Google Search business listing.

How to add this attribute. These are the steps to add the attribute to your Google Business Profile.

  1. Go to your Business Profile. Find out how to create your profile.
  2. Select Edit profile Other information .
  3. Select the More tab near the top.
  4. Select the category that you wish to change.
  5. Select Yes, or Not next to the attribute.
  6. After you’re done updating your attributes click Save.

Other attributes. This type of attribute has been available on Yelp since May 2021. This is another example of Google playing catch-up to Yelp. In 2018, Google introduced family led (which is no more available), veteran-led and women-led attributes. In 2020, Google added black-owned attributes to business profiles. In 2021, Google added a Latino owned attribute to business profiles. And, recently, Google added the LGBTQ+ attribute to business profiles.

Why we care. These attributes can help you get visibility for your profile. You should add these Business Profile attributes to your profile if you are eligible. Or at least try it. Businesses must take advantage of every opportunity they have to grow their revenue and customer base.

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