Are you curious about the impact of a Google Ad recommendation on your campaigns? You can now apply a recommendation as an experimental by using the Experiments Page.

How it works. You can set up an experiment to test the recommendation without putting your campaign at risk. If the experiment proves successful, you can either convert it to a new campaign, or transfer the results to the original campaign.

Limited functionality. The feature is currently only available for broad match and Target ROAS recommendations. Google’s Help doc stated that they will continue to release additional functionality in the coming months.

Best practices. Google recommends that you follow its best practices guide to setup, manage, and optimize experiments. For additional resources, you can also consult the help guide.

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Why we care. Recent surveys have shown that recommendations are the least liked part of PPC for marketers. Marketers are suspicious of recommendations, which can be anything from pushy ad representatives to recommendations that only increase an obscure optimization score.

This new feature allows you to see if recommendations could really improve campaign performance. Are we finally getting a response from Google?

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