Update. This issue has been resolved.

Google is currently facing a variety of issues that affect the Ads API and Impression Share, Auction Insights and Ads Manager.

What Google has to say. Google just reported an API issue that made it unavailable for some publishers. There is no ETA on a solution.

Advertisers can track the status of the API issue by clicking here.

We have more issues. Yesterday, we reported an issue with Impression Share and Auction Insights. Another issue with Ads Manager has been reported. Google announced shortly after that the issue was resolved for some advertisers, but that no complete solution had yet been implemented.

Advertisers can check the status of As Manager here.

Why we care. Advertisers’ ability to do their jobs effectively can be affected by constant outages, broken features and inaccurate reporting. You might want to get up early to enjoy a local happy hour if you are trying to manage Google accounts.

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