TikTok just announced three new features that will enhance the LIVE experience and promote brand safety. This is something the app has been accused in the past of neglecting.

These are the three new features:

  • Multi-Guest is now available
  • Increase the LIVE minimum age to 16-18
  • Safety reminders for all LIVE guests

TikTok has been on a roll recently, announcing these new features and updates just moments after Focused View was launched, a new campaign objective that targets engaged users.

Let’s get started.

Multi-Guest is now available

Multi-Guest allows hosts to go LIVE with up 5 guests using a grid layout or panel layout. This keeps audiences engaged as they answer questions, host how to videos, or simply host a casual hangout.

Once LIVE is complete, creators can tap on the three dots to alter some settings, such as flipping the camera, adding effects and stickers, filtering comments and adding moderators.

Increase the LIVE minimum age to 16-18

To host a LIVE, you must be at least 16 years old. The minimum age to host a LIVE will rise from 16 to 18 starting November 23rd. To access Direct Messaging, teens must be 16 or older and 18 to send virtual gifts or monetization features.

TikTok will also allow creators to choose whether they want to reach only an adult audience in their LIVE.

Safety reminders for all LIVE visitors

LIVE creators have the ability to use the keyword filtering tool for limiting inappropriate comments. TikTok will be releasing an updated version of this feature in the coming weeks. It will remind people and suggest keywords they might want to add to their filter list.

This tool examines the content creators most often remove from their LIVE and suggests that the host add these words to their filter.

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Read more. The full announcement from TikTok can be found here.

Why we care. Brands, advertisers, creators and others who use the LIVE feature have greater control over who sees their content and can add filters and moderators as required.

Creators seem to embrace the new changes, adding “Moderators are great help to ensure I can concentrate on my LIVE shows… without worrying about internet trolls.”

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